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Injury Accident Lower Hudson Valley

An accident occurred in the Lower Hudson Valley at around noon on May 1. The accident involved personal injury. The accident happened going southbound on I-87 at exit 15A. The accident caused the left lane to be blocked. The incident was cleared a couple of hours later. The extent of the injuries is not known at this time. We always want to bring you initial accident reports so that you can know what's going on and avoid certain areas. As more information about these accidents is made available, we will keep you posted. Have you been seriously injured in a car accident that...

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Accident in West Seneca

We are dedicated to bringing you current stories about accident news in New York. We want to bring you immediate stories about accidents in New York City and across the state. In the initial reports, sometimes only a few details about the accident are known. As more information becomes available, we will update these stories. We want people in the area to know what's going on. There was an accident in West Seneca reported at around 12:20 in the afternoon on May 1st. The accident occurred on I-90 eastbound between US 219 and Route 16. We are not sure if any injuries...

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Accident in Sunset Park

We are always looking to bring you current and emerging stories related to accidents news across the State of New York. When we do so, we will sometimes bring you news stories that are initial reports. With these roots, sometimes only a few details about the accident will be known. As more information becomes available, we will release this information to you and update the story. An accident was reported on April 29 around noon and was in effect until around 6 in the evening. The accident happened at 38th Street/39th Street/Exit 23. The left and center lanes were blocked because...

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Man in Rochester Charged with DWI After Hit-and-Run

Man in Rochester Charged with DWI After Hit-and-Run

A man has been arrested for drunk driving as well as leaving the scene of an accident. The accident in question happened on Thursday morning. According to Rochester Police, the man hit a car close to the intersection of Upper Falls Boulevard and St. Paul Street at around 1:45 in the morning. This caused one of the cars to hit into a utility pole on the side of the road. The police have said that the man attempted to drive away and flee the scene. A woman in the other car followed him, and he was then arrested by police. The name of...

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Crash on Outerbridge Crossing Has Been Cleared

Drivers on Outerbridge Crossing heading to Staten-Island were in a traffic jam on Thursday, April 26. This happened during rush hour. The delay time was estimated to be around 15 minutes at 7:45. This information came from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Speed restrictions were put into place for the second day in a row at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. An accident was cleared on the Staten Island Expressway going to Brooklyn near Clove Road. This happened at around 7 in the morning. Because of this accident traffic was backed up to Richmond Avenue and the delay time was about...

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Accident in Elmhurst

A moderate accident was reported in Elmhurst, New York. The accident happened at around 8:45 at night on April 28. The accident was said to have been cleared at around 3 in the morning. The incident occurred at Woodhaven Boulevard. This is all that is know about this accident at this time. If we learn more details about this accident, we will keep you posted. We are always looking to bring you current accident news stories. Sometimes, these initial reports will only have a few details available. As more information is released related to accident injuries, we will update these stories. If you’ve...

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Accident at Lower Hudson Valley

We are always looking to bring you the most up-to-date stories related to accident news all across New York. As such, we will sometimes bring you emerging stories. When it comes to these stories, all of the details of the accident might not be known at first. Sometimes only a few details are announced in initial reports in order to alert people in the area of what is going on. If we find out more details about these accidents, we will update these stories. We always want to keep you posted on accident news. An accident was reported at around noon on...

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Accident at 138 Street

We are always striving to bring you the most current stories related to accident news in New York. As such, we will sometimes bring you breaking accident reports as they are released. With these breaking stories, details are sometimes scarce. More information is sometimes released related to these accidents later. But, the initial reports are used to alert people in the area of what is going on. An accident was reported in New York, New York at around 10 at night on April 28. This accident occurred at 138 Street at Exit 45. The lane was blocked because of the accident....

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3 Hurt in Phillipstown Accident

Three people were injured in an accident on April 18 that occurred on Route 9 in Phillipstown. This was a head-on collision. The New York State Police identified the victims as Margaret A. Tornowsky and Thomas N. Tornowsky of Croton. The other victim was Terrence M. Jones of Wappinger. They reported that the vehicle the Tornowsky’s were in was going south and failed to keep right. In a post on Facebook, the Garrison Volunteer Fire Company reported that two helicopters were used to take two of the victims to the hospital. The third victim was taken to the hospital by ambulance. It is...

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Witness at Clifton Park Crash Speaks

A motorist who called 911 before a crash happened last Friday night first saw the truck near the Edison Club on Riverview Road. She saw that the truck was going all over the road. Her husband was driving, and she updated the dispatchers about the location of the truck as they followed the truck. She was telling the 911 operator that she thought he was going to kill someone because of his erratic driving. On Route 146 near Tanner road, the driver nearly killed four people when he crossed the median and hit a minivan. This resulted in a head-on collision. The accident...

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