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Accident in North Bergen

We always want to bring you current stories related to accident news in New York. As we seek to do this, we will often bring initial accident reports to you. These reports are emerging and often only contain a few details about a crash. As more information becomes available about these accidents, we will keep you posted. These initial reports are meant to give people information who in the area. This way they can avoid problem areas where accidents have occurred. We want to keep you posted and current and what is happening in New York related to accident news. An accident was...

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Accident in Maspeth

We always want to bring you current stories about accident news in this state. We are especially concerned about bringing you stories related to vehicle accidents. As these accidents happen, reports are made about them to let people in the area know what is going on. These initial reports are released with only minimal information because often further details are not known until investigations are made. We will bring you these stories to update you and let you know what is going on in your area. As further details are made available about these accidents, we will keep you posted and...

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Three Critically Hurt in Accident that Brought Grand Central Parkway Traffic to a Stop

6 hurt in New York car accident

On March 30th, 2018, six people were injured, including three people who were critically injured, in a significant crash that happened on Grand Central Parkway in Queens. This crash shut down two lanes of the highway for a few hours during the busy Friday morning commute time. This information came from officials as well as traffic cams. According to law enforcement, a 2004 Honda headed east on Grand Central rear-ended a 2018 Mini Cooper at approximately the 7 a.m. hour. This happened near Jewel Avenue and three people in the Honda were sent flying from the car. Victims were take to a...

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One Dead and Eight Hurt After Drugged Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash

A pickup truck driver was charged with a DWI at an area hospital after the incident occurred. On March 31st, 2018, a drugged driver hit a minivan on the Long Island Expressway and then crossed the median and hit several other vehicles. The crash killed one woman and caused injury to eight others.  The highway was closed for hours after the incident, police said. Many people injured in the crash were sent to Stony Brook University Hospital, and their injuries ranged from minor to severe. One woman was pronounced dead at the hospital, said the police. The crash occurred at the 68...

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