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Midtown Manhattan Motorbike Accident: Uncover Your Legal Rights & Maximize Compensation Today!

Motorcycle accident lawyer

Understanding Your Legal Rights After a Motorbike Accident in Manhattan's Midtown If you drive within the speed limit, you can often enjoy riding your motorbike through Midtown Manhattan. While Times Square offers some great people-watching, you can also meet friends for an excellent meal in an area restaurant.  During other visits, after you’ve found a safe place to park, you can either catch a Radio City Music Hall performance or check to see if any TV shows are being taped in Rockefeller Center. Cautious riding is crucial since at least one government study has revealed that the motorcyclist fatality rate within New...

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NY State Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer offers you support

Whether you're a driver or a pedestrian using the road, one of the dangers you face is an accident involving a tractor-trailer. 2012 data from the New York State DMV shows that there were over 10,000 accidents involving large trucks in that year alone. They resulted in dozens of fatalities and at least a few thousand nonfatal injuries. Just recently, two tractor-trailer accidents in New York State led to fatalities. In one case, a tractor-trailer struck an SUV carrying two people; in the other case, a tractor-trailer hit a passenger vehicle with no passengers. Both accidents led to the deaths of...

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NYS Accident Lawyers Discuss Injuries from Forklifts

Frekhtman & Associates, New York Workers Compensation Lawyers represent victims of personal injury, and work accident injuries. Powered industrial trucks, or fork lifts, are necessary in many kinds of work settings. However, they also pose serious risks to workers and sometimes to bystanders such as pedestrians walking past a work site. Two recent examples of forklift fatalities from New York City involved a worker in Queens who passed away after a forklift fell on him in a warehouse, and a Brooklyn grocery worker who was crushed against a wall by a forklift and died from his chest injuries. Their deaths warrant serious...

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NYC Car Accident Lawyer Points Out the Results of Manhattan Texting-While-Driving Simulation

Manhattan Car Accident Law Firm - Frekhtman & Associates Points out the results of Manhattan Texting while Driving Simulator. Outside Manhattan's Flatiron Building on 23rd and Broadway, people had the chance to hop into a texting-while-driving simulator. The simulator was a machine equipped with a car seat and a steering wheel and a screen in front portraying a virtual road participants were traveling on. Participants were also given a mobile device hooked up to the machine so that they could see what happened when they tried to text and drive at the same time. What participants found was that while texting they really couldn't...

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NY Slip and Fall accident lawyers Discuss Why You Should Move Quickly With Your Claim

Each year, hundreds of Americans are injured in slip and fall incidents. These accidents can range in severity from a bruised ego to something much more severe. If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, then it is important that you speak with a Slip and Fall accident lawyer sooner rather than later. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the faster evidence can be gathered. It is important to move quickly with your claim so that witnesses can be contacted, and medical expenses can be documented. If possible, pictures and evidence should be gathered at the scene....

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