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Bimalleolar and Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture Injury Lawyer

What are Bimalleolar and Trimalleolar Fractures? Whether an ankle injury occurs due to a bad fall at work or in a major traffic accident, the damage done from a broken ankle can take many weeks or months to fully heal. Motorcycle riders and sports enthusiasts can also suffer serious harm to their ankle bones. In some very difficult cases, surgeons must perform repeat operations to correct any malunion (improper healing) and to further stabilize the ankle joint. An experienced personal injury lawyer who offers a free consultation can help coordinate best in class medical care to speed recovery and obtain full compensation. Bimalleolar...

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Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

Adaptive Clothing Can Make Life Easier for the Disabled

After surviving major accidents and surgeries, many of the newly disabled must address unexpected life challenges. For example, they must find clothes that help minimize their pain and discomfort while dressing each day and trying to increase their mobility. Others disabled people must either search for clothing that will not interfere with their care while bedridden -- or when moving about using wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Should temporarily or permanently disabled adults or children want clothing that also looks fashionable, they will have to look even harder to meet their needs. While many stylish yet adaptive clothes can be a...

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New York Personal Injury Lawyers

NY Accident Law Firm Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Long Island City The representation of individuals who were seriously or catastrophically injured as a result of negligence is one of the most rewarding fields of law which we have the privilege to practice. Our attorneys and support staff love what we do. We work hard and dedicate ourselves to achieve the best possible compensation for our clients. Our multi-million dollar results are a testament to our success.Our New York personal injury Law firm treats each of our clients as a member of our family. We do not believe in processing a...

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Preparing Our New York City Personal Injury Clients for Their Depositions

Over the years, our firm has learned that telling our clients how their lawsuits will normally unfold and helping them prepare for their depositions are two of our most important tasks. Once we’ve accepted your case, we’ll carefully investigate all the facts, obtain all the pertinent medical records and other documents -- and then file the pleadings. Your deposition is part of the lawsuit stage known as discovery. During this process, we’ll request crucial documents and records from the defendant’s attorney (and those possessed by any insurance company that may be involved). We may also send out questions that require sworn...

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NYS Accident Lawyers Discuss Injuries from Forklifts

Frekhtman & Associates, New York Workers Compensation Lawyers represent victims of personal injury, and work accident injuries. Powered industrial trucks, or fork lifts, are necessary in many kinds of work settings. However, they also pose serious risks to workers and sometimes to bystanders such as pedestrians walking past a work site. Two recent examples of forklift fatalities from New York City involved a worker in Queens who passed away after a forklift fell on him in a warehouse, and a Brooklyn grocery worker who was crushed against a wall by a forklift and died from his chest injuries. Their deaths warrant serious...

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