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How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children and Teens

How To Recognize Traumatic Brain Injuries in Young Children

Whether they are toddlers or teens, it can be difficult to tell when children have suffered a serious head or brain injuries if they are not crying or complaining. Far too often, small children and teens just think they are feeling a bit odd – and have no idea that they should either obtain immediate medical help or lie down and rest for an extended period. All this puts extra pressure on parents, teachers, and other caregivers to carefully observe and get help for any child with visible problems. Yet until children reach school age, (unless they are undergoing routine medical...

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New York City Motorcycle Accidents Statistics & Tips

motorcycle accident lawyer brooklyn

Riding a motorcycle through New York City during rush-hour traffic is often difficult and dangerous. Furthermore, most truck and passenger car drivers forget that motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable when accidents occur. Although New York City motorcycle collisions aren’t as common as auto accidents, they’re much more likely to result in deadly injuries since motorcyclists have so little physical protection. Furthermore, motorcyclists are at special risk while navigating turns and trying to make it safely through busy traffic intersections. The accident statistics set forth below clearly document the special challenges facing motorcyclists. That information is followed by a list of...

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Evidence in Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

When someone suffers a severe injury to the head, they may incur a traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries are often extensive and may result in a significant change in a person's quality of life. To establish both a compelling and credible legal argument, an injured individual or a family member should reach out to an attorney who could explain the different types of evidence in Brooklyn traumatic brain injury cases. Retaining a qualified traumatic brain injury lawyer could substantially help an injured person fight for fair compensation from a negligent party. If you or a loved one suffered...

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Diffuse Axonal Brain Injuries in New York City

The human brain contains billions of nerve cells. These cells communicate with each other via axons which are long fibers and comprise the white matter in the brain. Traumatic events that happen in an accident can damage these axons resulting in diffuse axonal injury to the brain. Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury (“DAI”) is also known as acquired brain injury, axonal shearing, or a head injury. How Axonal Injury Occurs Examples of how DAI can occur include: whiplash injury or acceleration/deceleration can result in traumatic twisting of the axons An impact to the head can cut, stretch, twist, or otherwise injure the axon...

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Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

Traumatic brain injury is a common result of a serious accident. A brain injury if also very often missed by busy hospital staff who do not take the time to do a deep dive into a patient’s symptoms. It is also frequently missed by attorneys who handle a large volume of cases using a template format, for example in car crashes. What are the signs and symptoms we have to look at in order to determine if an individual is at a greater risk of brain damage after an accident? The cause of brain injury could be a motor vehicle crash,...

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New York City Brain Injury Diagnosis

After people have survived major accidents that may have damaged their brains, they must then undergo a highly-detailed set of tests and procedures so their condition can be properly diagnosed. During this process, patients may need to be evaluated by one or more of the following: physicians, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists and neurosurgeons. What makes this type of diagnosis so difficult is that even when all the most sophisticated tests currently available indicate that you do not have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – you may be suffering from one. Furthermore, you may not know the full extent of your losses until your...

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Signs and Symptoms of a Brain Injury in New York City

In the U.S. over five million people live with a brain injury while over one million head injuries occur each year. New York City or Manhattan has some of the top medical specialists in the world who can diagnose and treat various brain injuries caused by accidents in the New York area. It is vital to immediately hire an experienced brain injury attorney who works closely with top medical specialists so that a head injury may receive proper medical care leading to the greatest chance of cure. While helping individuals get better by coordinating their medical care, an experienced New...

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Damages in New York City Brain Injury Cases

Those who haven’t suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) often assume that the most difficult problems survivors must confront occur right after their accidents as they undergo surgeries and different treatments prior to completing rehabilitation programs. Yet reality shows that many TBI patients wind up struggling with their injuries for the rest of their lives. In most cases, traumatic brain injuries develop after a person endures some type of blow, jolt or bump to the head that disrupts normal brain functioning. While these events may only last a few seconds, the damage is often extensive. In fact, Centers for Disease Control...

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New York City Brain Injury Diagnostic Testing

There are a number of diagnostic tests that can help doctors pinpoint the location of a brain injury for prognosis and treatment. One valuable type of imaging scan is a SPECT or PET-SCAN which shows a traumatic brain injury in color. PET Scan PET Scan is short for positron emission tomography. In the U.S., close to 2 million people suffer a brain injury each year with up to eighty five percent of all injuries being classified as mild TBI. However, a conventional MRI cannot diagnose mild TBI as it is simply insensitive to this injury. A PET SCAN is a functional imaging...

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Benefits of Working with a Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys fully know and understand the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries. They recognize that these types of injuries could tremendously impact a person's life and try to do whatever they can to ensure that the victims are properly compensated for their injuries. If you have sustained such injuries, get in touch with a skilled and compassionate attorney. Schedule a consultation today and take advantage of the benefits of working with a Brooklyn traumatic brain injury attorney. Seriousness of Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic brain injuries are viewed slightly different from other catastrophic injuries due to the complexities of brain injuries. In...

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