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Ceiling Collapses

In Case Of Ceiling Collapse, Be Ready to Share All the Damage Details

Ceiling collapse injury lawyer

All residential and business structures are subject to ceiling collapses. Even new buildings can suffer so much severe storm damage that hidden water leaks may eventually work their way down and contribute to excessive mold and ceiling collapses. Of course, tenants living in older buildings with poorly managed plumbing problems remain among the most likely to be injured by this type of premises liability injury. Once you notice a ceiling water spot or see any water pouring down or sliding down the walls, you must ask your apartment manager (or the owner) to immediately fix all related problems. Keep regular records of...

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Brain Injury Case Values Can Vary Greatly

Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury Case Values Can Vary Greatly Predicting the possible settlement value of a head or brain injury case is extremely complicated since most clients experience many unique sets of problems. However, once our law firm has had the chance to review a client’s medical records and billings, we’re in a much better position to try and assign a potential value to a case – assuming there is ample proof of liability of one or more defendants named in the lawsuit. As many clients know, immediate treatment after suffering a head injury is crucial. This holds true whether someone has been injured...

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Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threats to NYC Pedestrian Safety

Falling Debris Accidents lawyer new york

Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threat to NYC Pedestrian Safety For decades, most New York City pedestrians have assumed that being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street was the biggest danger they faced. Unfortunately, the December 2019 death of New York City architect Erica L. Tishman put everyone on notice that falling building debris can suddenly take the life of any pedestrian. Ms. Tishman was walking near her office on the southeast corner of 49th Street and Seventh Avenue when a piece of loose terra cotta fell from a building – hitting her on the head and killing her. As...

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Bronx Ceiling Collapse Accident Lawyers

During the last five years, numerous Bronx residents have been forced to cope with dangerous ceiling collapse accidents. In fact, during one March 2018 event, family members said that part of a bedroom ceiling fell on a five-month-old baby boy and a seven-year-old girl. Both children had to be taken to a nearby hospital for tests and evaluation. The children’s grandmother says that she had reported the apartment’s leaky ceiling problem to the NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) weeks earlier. After speaking with that family, a local reporter knocked on the door of a neighbor. She then learned that Vilma...

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Bronx Ceiling Collapse Accident Lawyers Discuss Landlord Liability for Ceiling Collapses

Far too often, New York City landlords ignore apartment tenants’ complaints about critically needed repairs explains Arkady Frekhtman, one of the Bronx ceiling collapse accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. Besides failing to address major plumbing problems, landlords also postpone repairing leaky ceilings and those with loose tiles. Tenants are even ignored when they report that their ceilings are breaking open and dropping harmful substances on them. Sometimes, entire ceilings must collapse before landlords will help. Asbestos, mold, and a variety of toxic substances can be mixed in with materials that fall out of ceilings as they break apart...

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Ceiling Collapse Accident Attorneys Discuss Bobcat Crashing Through Ceiling

WABC News provided details of an unusual construction accident that happened in Yonkers on Wednesday, January 11 explains one of the New York City ceiling collapse accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm. Authorities reported multiple injuries when a part of the ceiling collapsed at the National Wholesale Liquidators store on Central Park Avenue. Accident Details The accident happened just before noon as a bobcat and two crew were working on a parking lot repair. Suddenly, concrete gave way, and the machinery and two workers plunged 30 feet into the store below. A section of the store’s roof, estimated as 30-ft...

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New York Ceiling Collapse Injury Lawyer Explains this Premises Liability Lawsuit

Almost every adult who has ever lived in an apartment complex can readily share a few horror stories with you about trying to get a landlord to timely fix a damaged ceiling, a broken water pipe or a faulty air conditioner explains a New York ceiling collapse injury lawyer. In some cases, property owners (or their managers) are so eager to save money on repairs that they’ll even threaten tenants with higher rents or eviction if they keep asking to have major repairs completed. These problems have become so common that it’s now easy to find shocking New York slumlord and...

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Ceiling Collapse Accident Attorneys Cite Water as One of the Most Common Causes of these Accidents

There are a number of reasons why ceilings collapse. A structural weakness brought about by a building code violation, excess snow buildup on a flat roof, or hurricane force winds collapsing a roof with weak gables are just a few causes. However, if you ever experience this misfortune, the most likely culprit will be water explain New York ceiling collapse accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm. Wood, drywall, and plaster are common building materials used in ceilings. All of these materials are installed dry and will absorb water like a sponge. When this happens, the water both weakens and...

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Why should you reach out to ceiling collapse accident attorneys?

A recent video appearing on new sites and attracting millions of views on YouTube shows the interior of an apartment reportedly located in Queens. The ceiling in the living room area starts to crack open completely and, within the space of seconds, collapses, landing on furniture and sending up a cloud of particles explains one of the New York City ceiling collapse accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm. Although thankfully no one got injured in this recent ceiling collapse, the video highlights just how quickly a ceiling can cave in. Ceiling collapses range in severity; sometimes a small section...

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