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Colonie Industrial Accident Claims Life of Mark S. Vaillancourt

  There has been an update on the industrial accident that we reported on earlier this week. Mark S. Vaillancourt, a 61-year-old from Hadley, was the victim in the industrial accident that happened in Colonie, New York. The man was found dead on Saturday morning at TNT Landscaping and Excavating. The business was located on 117 Morris Road. He was alone at the business when he was pinned between two pieces of equipment. He died instantly from the trauma. It is unclear why the accident happened exactly or what exactly was happening that led to his death. If any more information becomes available, we...

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A Firefighter, Michael R. Davison, Dies on Film Set in Harlem

  Late last month, a firefighter died while on a film set as he was helping put out a Harlem fire. A five-alarm fire started in the basement of 773 St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem. This building was being used a film location for a movie directed by Edward Norton. A New York firefighter did while fighting the blaze and two other people were seriously injured. Michael R. Davison, 37, was operating the fire hose nozzle and was the first to arrive. He got separated from other firefighters who were forced to move further from the building as the fire got worse. He was found...

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