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Work Accidents

Safety Tips for Workers

Construction sites are very dangerous, both for workers and those in the nearby area. By following a few simple tips, construction workers can complete their projects while ensuring everyone is kept safe. Construction workers should make an ongoing effort to attend all safety training programs offered by employers, unions, and other local organizations. These courses and seminars can provide new information on job safety even for those who have taken similar classes before. Workers should also always ensure they are wearing proper safety gear for their job. Steel-toed boots, high-visibility vests, helmets, and harnesses are just a few pieces of equipment construction...

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How workers compensation lawyers can help?


You went to work everyday to support your family. Your income helped to pay the bills and put food on the table. But, in an unexpected moment, this changed because you became injured on the job. Work done on the job has its share of rewards, but can also pose unique medical and financial challenges in the wake of a serious on-the-job injury explain the workers compensation lawyers at the F&A injury law firm in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. It's understandable to have many questions when this happens. How will you support your family if you are the primary...

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New York State (NYS) Workers Compensation Lawsuits-Claim Guide by Injury Lawyer


As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4 million workers were injured on the job during 2005 and 5,700 workers lost their lives from work related injuries. New York State’s no-fault worker’s compensation program is meant to provide financial protection to workers hurt on the job and to provide them appropriate medical care. NYS State law requires employers to purchase insurance in order to provide workers’ compensation benefits to his/her employees. This insurance covers payments for medical care and to replace lost wages. It also provides facility regarding medical treatment. However, denials are common while filing an injury...

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Work Accident Lawyers Describe Four Warehouse Dangers

workers compensation attorney manhattan for work accidents - Frekhtman & Associates

Warehouses are large buildings that store "things" such as raw materials, machine or device components, and finished goods for distribution to retailers. They often become busy and even frenetic places during peak demand periods of the year. This places a lot of pressure on their workers to move product rapidly explains one of New York work accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. Unfortunately, some warehouse managers solve this by compromising safety as well as pushing their workers too hard and/or making them work long shifts. A warehouse full of rushed people on foot moving among racing forklifts through...

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Are NYC Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety Threats?

Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety

Now that most New York City construction sites are active again, they are having to figure out how to safeguard their workers against all COVID-19 health concerns. Back in March, when some workers voiced their fears about inadequate safety precautions, a few major changes were made on some sites. For example, social distancing concerns caused some employers to begin having their workers arrive at staggered start times -- so that large groups of employees would stop showing up and trying to enter the grounds at the same time. Other employers began requiring all employees to stop upon arrival and undergo forehead...

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Work Hazards Facing NYC Construction Site Painters

construction site painting accident | 866attylaw

While a painter’s work may not sound very dangerous, major safety risks exist since these workers are often climbing up ladders and standing on scaffolding each day. They must also regularly work with toxic substances and lift heavy tools and equipment. Great stamina, strength and dexterity are required for this work. On an average day, most painters are reaching up, bending down or kneeling while applying coats of paint to various surfaces. They must also carry heavy cans of paint to work sites and wear respirators to make sure they can breathe properly near dangerous fumes. Although many tasks are completed...

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Most Common Injuries Glaziers Sustain on NYC Construction Sites

Glazier Accident - Injury Lawyer

New York is among the five states that currently employ the most glaziers in the construction industry. It ranks fourth, right behind California, Texas and Florida – and just ahead of Washington. Although we often notice the many handsome and protective windows that glaziers install in skyscrapers, few of us are aware of the many professional skills they must master before being qualified to ply their physically demanding trade. Besides mounting windows, glaziers are also often asked to design and build skylights, glass doors and indoor paneling. During their apprenticeships, they must learn to read basic building blueprints and handle various...

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NYC Utility Workers Face Numerous Daily Hazards

Whether working directly on building construction sites or adjacent to them, utility workers must exercise great caution when carrying out various tasks. In fact, many of these contractors and subcontractors work directly with electricity – or around natural gas and various toxic chemicals. Other utility workers handle water mains or underground communication infrastructures that involve radio and microwave equipment. On most days, New York City utility workers are either installing new equipment, replacing older materials and wiring, performing routine maintenance tasks – or conducting safety checks as they search for weaknesses or flaws in various systems. To provide a better understanding of...

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Colonie Industrial Accident Claims Life of Mark S. Vaillancourt

  There has been an update on the industrial accident that we reported on earlier this week. Mark S. Vaillancourt, a 61-year-old from Hadley, was the victim in the industrial accident that happened in Colonie, New York. The man was found dead on Saturday morning at TNT Landscaping and Excavating. The business was located on 117 Morris Road. He was alone at the business when he was pinned between two pieces of equipment. He died instantly from the trauma. It is unclear why the accident happened exactly or what exactly was happening that led to his death. If any more information becomes available, we...

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Update on DOT Worker Who Was Killed After Being Struck by a Car

We are bringing you an update on a story we talked about earlier last week. A city Department of Transportation electrification was killed when a driver struck him. He had been working on the Hutchinson River Parkway when the accident occurred, according to police as well as witnesses at the scene. The victim was George Staab of Long Island. He was 57-years-old at the time of the incident. He was getting out of a vehicle parked on the side of the road just south of the Hutchinson River Parkway Bridge. This happened at around 10:30 in the morning. A driver lost control...

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