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New York City Car Accident Attorney Discusses Two Common Injuries Following an Auto Crash

Auto accident survivors are often forced to battle a wide array of serious injuries explains a New York City car accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. In fact, many people suffer knee fractures during major accidents that require surgery and extensive physical therapy – while others must cope with ruptured stomachs and other damaged internal organs. Fortunately, first responders are carefully trained to fully examine all accident victims so that life-threatening internal injuries like ruptured stomachs (“gastrointestinal perforations”) can be quickly detected before they prove fatal. People often fracture their knees when they’re suddenly shoved forward into vehicle dashboards...

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Collision At Brooklyn Intersection Discussed By Automobile Accident Lawyers

Officers arrested a man following a two-vehicle accident in Brooklyn at about 10 p.m. on Friday, June 10 explains one of the automobile accident lawyers at the Frekhtman & Associates car accident law firm in Brooklyn, New York. Collision at Intersection The 29-year-old motorist from the Bronx was driving a black 2016 Ford Explorer on Georgia Avenue when the vehicle struck a silver 2001 Toyota Sienna eastbound on Livonia Avenue. Authorities say the SUV was allegedly traveling at an excessive speed just before the crash. One Injured, One Killed Emergency personnel transported the two Toyota occupants to Brookdale Hospital, according to ABC 7 News....

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Automobile Accident Lawyers Examine Roadside Accidents

Stopping on an interstate highway shoulder seems reasonably safe. You're out of the traffic flow, not moving, and need not concern yourself with safe driving. However, this is a false feeling of security because although you are out of the traffic flow, you aren't out of the reach of the high-speed traffic just a few feet off to your side. You are probably safer driving with the flow of traffic where only the few cars in front and next to you can potentially cause harm. On the other hand, a five-minute stop on the shoulder can expose you to as many...

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Injury Lawyers Discuss High Speed Chase Resulting in Injuries

NYC Injury Lawyers at the F&A injury law firm discuss a recent high-speed chase that commenced in the Bronx ended in Mt. Vernon with serious injuries to a woman and a child. The New York Post reports that the chase began when 47th Precinct officers attempted to make a traffic stop after a 2014 white Nissan Maxima allegedly sped westbound on Nereid Avenue at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15. Vehicle Crashes Into Parked Cars The driver allegedly attempted to elude the pursuing squad car. As the vehicle entered Westchester, officers notified the Mt. Vernon police. About three blocks from the county...

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Automobile Accident Lawyers Can Enhance your Own Driving Strategy

Auto Accident

Let's face it, automobile accident lawyers can be your best friend when you need proper medical care and compensation for an accident. But increased awareness of road realities can enhance your options even if an accident occurs. Do you have a good perception of your role on the road? Being a driver involves diverse functions. Review the following eight points with the objective of enhancing beneficial physical, emotional, and mental skills. Study your local laws carefully, and keep up with any changes when the legislature is session. If you have recently moved to a different area of the country, or if you are driving...

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Automobile Accident Lawyers Discuss Long Island Wrong-way Motorist

A quick-thinking police officer minimized the potential impact of an alleged wrong-way driver on the eastbound Sunrise Highway. Report of Wrong-way Driver Police say that the incident occurred at about 3 a.m. on Thursday, January 28, after a 911 call came in regarding a vehicle going the wrong way. A dispatcher sent an officer to the scene, where a 2012 Ford mini-van appeared in front of his eastbound squad car east of Nicolls Road in Patchogue. The officer immediately performed a slow roll to protect those behind him. However, the approaching van still struck the police vehicle. Both the officer and the 43-year-old...

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