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Construction Accidents

Construction Worker died in Scaffolding Accident : Update by NYC Lawyer

A 38 year old man, Miguel Rodriguez died in a scaffolding accident at Morningside Heights construction site on Thursday. The victim fell five stories to his death when his scaffolding collapsed. He was wearing a safety harness, but it was not tethered to the building. Malik Hussain, 26, who is the owner of Classic Painting & Restoration Inc., told city officials probing the death that there was a rigging foreman present at the Morningside Heights site, a safety measure required by law, the Department of Investigation said. The construction site was being supervised by a bogus foreman, Jinal Patel (aged 23) who lacked...

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Most Dangerous Jobs in America : Update by New York Injury Attorney

Fishing, logging and flying were considered as some of the most dangerous jobs in America in 2007. These jobs witnessed death rate which was highest as compared to others, according to the report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However workplace fatalities dropped in the United States during 2007, but the number of murders in the workplace increased significantly. Around 5,488 people lost their lives due to injuries which they received while on their job in 2007. Some of the most dangerous jobs in America are as given below:- a) Fishing – Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations and...

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New York Construction Worker Seriously Injured In a Fall Accident

A New York construction worker got seriously injured after falling from fourth floor of a building in Queens this morning. According to officials a 40 year old fell when he was installing guard rails on a residential building. He was not wearing safety harness at that time. The worker was taken to Elmhurst Hospital by the fire officials and was unconscious with multiple injuries. A stop-work order was issued by the Department of Buildings for safety violations including lack of a safety harness. News Update by : New York Construction Accident Lawyer...

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Construction Worker from Queens, New York died in Accident

A construction worker from Queens, New York was killed on Tuesday when a truck struck a cherry picker he was on which resulted in his fall from 50 feet to the pavement below. Witnesses say one of the two workers on the lift fell close to three stories to the ground. The severely bleeding victim was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital Center. It is reported that the end of the crane got hit by the truck which resulted in the death of construction worker. Two other construction workers were saved by the safety harness, but an eye witness reported that victim wasn't even wearing...

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City Council Hearing on Construction Safety

The New York City Council will hold a hearing today on legislation which deals with construction site and crane safety. Earlier this month, Li Mandri had announced that there will be a major upgrade of the Building Code. This upgrade will be held for the first time in more than 4 decades. This new building code will introduce Structural safety regulations, along with new emergency systems. The new code will lay more emphasis on the public safety to minimize risks to the public. So far 20 people have lost their lives in construction accidents this year alone which includes 7 in March’s crane...

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City Inspector Indicted On Charges Related To Deadly Crane Collapse

The city worker who allegedly lied about inspecting a crane days before it collapsed on construction site, killing seven people has been indicted. Edward Marquette was charged with tampering public records, falsifying business records, official misconduct and other charged. He had also resigned from the Buildings Department in March. Building officials reported that Marquette Marquette was supposed to do a scheduled inspection of a Crane in the Turtle Bay section located at Manhattan, New York on March 4th. However he failed to complete his inspection. The crane collapsed 11 days later and killed seven people on the spot. Prosecutors have told that Marquette had...

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Construction Accident at Liberty Island, NYC

Construction Accident at Liberty Island

A construction accident was reported at the Statue of Liberty where one construction worker was injured. The construction worker fell from a cooling tower and toppled 20 feet into a pit. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The extent of his injuries is yet to be ascertained by the hospital authorities. This accident was reported in a section of the Liberty Island, New York which is off-limits to the public. It is still unknown as to what the worker was doing at Liberty Island, New York at the time of this accident....

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Cracked Downtown Manhattan, New York Crane to Be Dismantled

New York Construction Accident Attorney

Two cracks were found in the turntable of a Tower crane by inspectors. This tower crane was owned by New York Crane. The crane was shut down in March, due to a missing pin of the I-beam. A close inspection reportedly found that the Crane’s boom lock mechanism was not functioning properly. This crane was part of the 4 Kodiak cranes which was dismantled after a similar New York Crane’s Kodiak model collapsed last month, killing two workers on the Upper East Side after slamming into a building. There was another crane by New York Crane which collapsed in March 08, and killed seven...

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