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Construction Accidents

Too Many NY Forklift Accidents Raise Safety Concerns Explain New York City Work Accident Attorneys

During the first six months of 2017, at least two more forklift accidents occurred says Arkady Frekhtman, one of the New York City work accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. In February, a 28-year-old Queens construction worker lost his life while operating one. He was basically crushed to death while using a forklift outside a FDNY warehouse. After being placed in neutral, the forklift rolled forward and crushed the young man as he prepared to load boxes into a nearby van. Just a few months later in May, a Rochester man employed by a fence company died...

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Brooklyn Construction Accident Leads to Criminal Charges Including Homicide

Although workers’ compensation laws provide benefits when work accidents happen, it is small solace when a loved one suffers permanent injury or is killed on the job. When particularly egregious conduct causes injury or death, criminal charges may follow. This happened recently when prosecutors charged a construction company owner in the aftermath of a fatal Brooklyn construction accident involving a wall collapse. Accident Details On September 3, 2014, workers were engaged in the process of replacing a one-story structure with a new five-story building on Myrtle Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant. At about 11:30 a.m., a wall of a building on an adjacent lot...

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NYC Construction Site Accident Attorneys Discuss How Falling Object Accidents Expose Workers and Innocent Pedestrians To Grave Risks

In New York City’s boroughs and beyond, falling objects repeatedly threaten the safety and well-being of innocent bystanders and workers alike explain NYC construction site accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm in Brooklyn. The region is one of the most densely populated in the entire country, and the prevalence of high-rise structures increases gravity-related accidents. Sometimes, larger objects like crane booms fall to the ground, resulting in injury and/or death. For example, in February 2016, a boom crashed to the ground in TriBeCa, killing a man from the Upper West Side. Smaller objects can also severely injure private citizens...

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Construction Site Accident Attorney Discusses a Recent Fatal Crane Accident in the New York City Area

An NYPD spokesperson provided details of a fatal construction accident at an asphalt company in Staten Island. reported that the accident, at 356 Meredith Avenue in Chelsea occurred when a falling object, a load being hoisted by a crane struck a worker explains a construction site accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm in New York City. Crane Involved in Accident Police say a crane lost its load at the construction site for unknown reasons. A 54-year-old male worker suffered severe trauma. The NYPD spokesperson said the worker was conscious right after the accident, although he began to have breathing...

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Why a Construction Site Accident Lawyer May Save Your Livelihood

OSHA reports that there were over 4,300 work related fatalities in 2015 explains a construction site accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. Over 20 percent of these were construction related, which means that one of out of every five workers that died in 2015 was a construction worker. Research by OSHA reveals that the four most fatal accidents involve falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects and being caught in or between objects. Construction accident lawyers are the only solution for workers who have been seriously injured on the job. The Legal Benefits Hiring an experienced construction accident attorney...

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NYC Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses Electrocutions & Handling of Hazardous Energy

Although falls account for the largest number of major construction site injuries and deaths, close to 10% (about 8.6% in 2015) of them occur while someone is working with electricity or other hazardous energy explains Arkady Frekhtman, a NYC construction accident lawyer. Many dangerous assignments are tied to lockout-tagout (LOTO) tasks – they are performed to try and protect workers from sudden surges of power being emitted by machines or various sources of electrical (or other) forms of energy. One older, long-term study states that electrocutions are the fourth major cause of death among construction workers. Depending on the precise tasks...

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NYC Construction Site Falls Remain Deadly

Every few months, another sad news story reveals that a New York City construction worker has fallen to his death. As most construction site managers know, falls are among the “fatal four” most dangerous threats to construction site injuries and deaths. Close to 38.8% of the construction site deaths reported in 2015 were caused by falls. Many falls involve improperly constructed scaffolding, unprotected roof edges; poorly covered holes in floors; and inadequate fall protection training. Highly responsible construction site supervisors can easily prevent all of these problems long before anyone falls. Another Deadly Construction Site Fall in Brooklyn – December 2016 Shortly before...

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The Serious Danger of An Elevation Related Construction Site Accident Demands Serious Attention

A construction site accident and elevation related accidents can have deadly outcomes - literally. The truth is, the likelihood of an accident having a more serious result if it occurs at a construction site or from a height is greatly increased. Lawmakers, safety officials and workers are all aware of this reality. It is one reason why the New York Labor Law (241(6), 240) has put the onus of the responsibility of worker safety on owners of accident site properties and contractors. Accidents on the Rise It is somewhat difficult to fathom that a problem that has such potential for life-changing consequences...

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New York City Construction Accident Lawyers Discuss The Rise of Fatalities at Work Sites

New York City Construction Accidents & Deaths Remain on the Rise A recent New York Times article stated that during the past two years, 31 construction workers have died on the job. Yet for some reason, this reality still hasn’t stirred up any measurable public concern or debate. Hopefully this oversight isn’t due to our city placing an unacceptably low value on the lives of the many young immigrant workers who often die in these accidents. Furthermore, the number of non-fatal construction accidents are also increasing. Approximately 231 were reported in 2014 – representing a 24 percent increase over the prior...

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Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses NYC Construction Safety Act

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, New York City Council took up the Construction Safety Act, consisting of 19 bills designed to make construction sites safer explains a construction accident lawyer at the NYC injury law firm of Frekhtman & Associates. The bill package has the backing of Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. The proposed new regulations include provisions for: Enhanced fall-safety protection Stiffer penalties for repeat-offender contractors Better tracking of fatalities Accidents Up, Inspections Down A report by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health says statewide construction accidents leading to death or injury rose from 128 in 2011 to 435 in...

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