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Update: Woman Caused Crash that Led to Death of Police Officer, Kevin Crossley

This update is on a story we posted about earlier this week. Kevin Crossley, 34-years-old, was a village of Whitesboro Police Department Officer who passed away Wednesday in a car accident. State police have said that a 26-year-old woman caused the accident that took the life of the Oneida County police officer. The accident involved her vehicle and the vehicle of Kevin Crossley. At this time, no criminal charges have been filed, and it appears that the crash was a traffic accident. Crossley had worked for the Whitesboro Police department for 7 years, and he has recently started working part-time for the Whitestown Police...

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One Person Critically Injured, Two Others Injured on Queens Parkway

car crash in Queens

On Friday, March 30th, three people were thrown out of their car during a crash that occurred on a parkway in Queens. The accident happened in the morning and led to injuries for all three of these people. One of the individuals was also critically injured. This information comes from the police who responded to the crash. The victims were in a silver sedan when another vehicle rear-ended them. This caused them to rear-end the vehicle in front of them, too. Their vehicle was hit from behind while on the eastbound side of the Grand Central Parkway. This accident happened near...

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Automobile Accident Lawyers Examine Roadside Accidents

Stopping on an interstate highway shoulder seems reasonably safe. You're out of the traffic flow, not moving, and need not concern yourself with safe driving. However, this is a false feeling of security because although you are out of the traffic flow, you aren't out of the reach of the high-speed traffic just a few feet off to your side. You are probably safer driving with the flow of traffic where only the few cars in front and next to you can potentially cause harm. On the other hand, a five-minute stop on the shoulder can expose you to as many...

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Automobile Accident Lawyers Discuss Long Island Collision

New York automobile accident lawyers discuss a Long Island car crash where one vehicle allegedly ran a red light. A crash occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on Sunday, April 3, at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Lakeland Avenue in Ronkonkoma. A 23-year-old Bohemia man in a 2014 Chevrolet pickup truck was southbound on Ocean Avenue before the accident. Motorist Allegedly Runs Red Light A Suffolk County law enforcement official said witnesses reported that the pick up was traveling at excessive speed when it ran a red light and struck another pickup driven by a 67-year-old Medford man. He was reportedly attempting...

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