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What To Do After Degloving Injuries In Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists dread degloving accident injuries about as much as fractured bones and minor forms of head trauma. This is because when degloving occurs, the rider’s top skin layers are often ripped free from all the underlying connective tissues, muscles, and bones. In addition, life-threatening blood clots can occur during this process – that can affect any body part covered with skin. In most cases, a motorcycle rider’s legs, unprotected arms, and hands, torso, face (and scalp) can be degloved. Clients who were not wearing thick gloves and sturdy boots sometimes suffer degloving damage to their fingers and feet. The following...

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How To minimize Injuries In Case Of Motorcycle Accident In NYC


Traveling without the protection of a car or truck body frame makes it doubly important for motorcyclists to review all driving rules and regulations. After all, simply forgetting a new traffic rule, failing to wear a helmet, or ignoring motorcycle inspection and repair issues can lead to serious injuries or even death. It is also crucial for all New York City motorcycle riders to learn about the different types of licenses available, how to properly maneuver a motorcycle in traffic, and keep up with the minimum safety requirements designed to protect passengers. Here is a broad overview of rules and regulations for...

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New York City Motorcycle Accidents Statistics & Tips

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Riding a motorcycle through New York City during rush-hour traffic is often difficult and dangerous. Furthermore, most truck and passenger car drivers forget that motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable when accidents occur. Although New York City motorcycle collisions aren’t as common as auto accidents, they’re much more likely to result in deadly injuries since motorcyclists have so little physical protection. Furthermore, motorcyclists are at special risk while navigating turns and trying to make it safely through busy traffic intersections. The accident statistics set forth below clearly document the special challenges facing motorcyclists. That information is followed by a list of...

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Will Motorcycle Accidents Increase Once the Covid19 Pandemic is Over


Despite the major decline in traffic on many New York City streets during the pandemic, serious injury and fatal motorcycle accidents continue. All too often, motor vehicle drivers simply fail to drive cautiously while traveling near motorcycles. And accident investigations reveal that many of the innocent motorcycle accident victims either die on the street or shortly after being transferred to area hospitals. Here is a brief look back at one tragic May 2020 motorcycle accident, followed by a review of the most common injuries sustained by motorcyclists. The article concludes with two lists of critical ways that all vehicle drivers can...

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Immediate Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident in New York City

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is never ideal. Even the smallest of collisions can cause significant damage to your bike and its riders. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are in a motorcycle accident, there are several things you will need to do. Take a look at these tips to learn more about the steps you should take immediately following a motorcycle accident. At the Scene Immediately following your accident, it's likely that a lot of confusion will be going on. You will first need to assess your damages and make sure you are in a safe location...

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Most Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident in New York City

Following a motorcycle accident, there are a lot of common injuries. You don't have the same level of protection as the people who are in a car. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to know about the injuries as well as what can be done. The medical bills that you have to endure may not be your financial responsibility. Degloving Injuries One of the most common injuries is known as degloving. It is an abortion of skin of the hands or fingers. It often results in grafting because a significant amount of skin has “degloved” from the...

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Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accidents in New York City

Motorcycle accidents in New York pose very unique challenges to the plaintiff’s trial lawyer prosecuting these bike crash matters. Bias Many people including potential jurors have a misguided bias about motorcycle operators being more dangerous and risky when compared to automobile drivers. Whether in real life or in movies, many individuals have seen motorcycles racing, changing lanes, sharing a lane with a car, and performing stunts. It is paramount that the motorcycle accident lawyer handling the trial explain the Vehicle and Traffic Law in the State of New York allows a duly licensed operator to drive a motorcycle just like any other...

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Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Manhattan has some of the busiest traffic congestion in all of New York City. In the warmer months, motorcyclists add to this traffic along with cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists, and many others. A motorcycle operator and or passenger are much more likely to be seriously injured as a result of an accident when compared to motor vehicles. Proving Liability in Motorcycle Accidents Common causes of Motorcycle Accidents include: driver inattention motorist failing to see motorcycle and therefore not yielding, cutting the motorcycle off, or otherwise crashing into the unseen vehicle excessive speed on the part of the motorcycle and or other vehicles...

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Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding motorcycles usually comes with a certain degree of risk. While New York law requires that all people who ride bikes wear a helmet, this provides minimal protection in the event of an accident. Fortunately, whenever these accidents are the fault of another driver, the injured biker could seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and emotional trauma. A Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyer could help people who suffer injuries while riding their motorcycles hold the responsible parties liable in civil court. A skilled personal injury lawyer is ready to assess your situation, present the case to the defendant or...

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