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New York City Bus Accident Lawyers

In Manhattan and other parts of New York City, it is often cost prohibitive to purchase, store, and drive an automobile. For this and other reasons, public transportation in New York City including by bus is very popular. With a large number of public and private buses traveling the streets of New York sharing roadways with the pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle traffic, bus accidents are an unfortunate but inevitable outcome. Driver error is the number one cause of bus accidents. This includes distracted driving, aggressive driving, inattention, lack of training or experience, failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles,...

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New York City Apartment Ceiling Collapse Lawyer

New York City Apartment Ceiling Collapse Attorney A common type of apartment building accident is a ceiling collapse. What started as a peeling or cracked ceiling may one day lead to a portion of the ceiling collapsing and injuring someone. Even though the tenant may have complained to his super or building management, these types of problems are not always fixed timely. Ceiling collapse injuries include those to the head and neck or other portions of the body struck by falling plaster and debris from the collapse. Additionally, the shock of a collapse may lead an individual to slip, trip, and or...

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Construction Site Trip & Fall Accidents

A construction worker who slips or trips & falls at a construction site may be entitled to recovery in a third party lawsuit against the landlord and contractors in addition to being eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Contact the experienced construction accident lawyers at the F&A Injury law firm for a consultation (212) 222-1111. Under section 241 of the Labor Law, a landlord and general contractor as well as other potential defendants must provide safeguards to workers at construction sites. Causes of Trip & Fall Accident construction debris: Different trades including laborers, electricians, plumbers, ironworkers, carpenters, and others collaborate on a construction...

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NYC Building Accident Lawyer

Landlords in New York City have the duty to keep apartment premises safe. In case of any damage, they have to warn tenants about any possible dangers. If any property owner fails to meet the required standard of care, they will be held liable for negligence. Getting injured in an apartment building accident can affect your whole life in the long run. This is especially true if that apartment building was your home. If you or your family member has been a part of an apartment building accident, the first thing you should do is contact a building accident lawyer. Our expert...

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New York City Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Premises liability usually refers to accidents such as slip and fall, trip and fall, ceiling collapses, and other incidents on sidewalks, inside apartment buildings, and other dwellings. In order to determine whether you may have a viable premises lawsuit, it is important to contact an experienced New York City slip & fall lawyer at (866) ATTY-LAW. Some types of cases are covered under the law and some are not. For example, a trip and fall due to a raised or uneven sidewalk adjoining a large apartment building will most likely be covered under New York’s Administrative Code 7-210 which places responsibility...

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Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threat to NYC Pedestrian Safety


Falling Debris Accidents Pose Serious Threat to NYC Pedestrian Safety For decades, most New York City pedestrians have assumed that being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street was the biggest danger they faced. Unfortunately, the December 2019 death of New York City architect Erica L. Tishman put everyone on notice that falling building debris can suddenly take the life of any pedestrian. Ms. Tishman was walking near her office on the southeast corner of 49th Street and Seventh Avenue when a piece of loose terra cotta fell from a building – hitting her on the head and killing her. As...

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When Will A Defendant Normally Be Held Liable in a Slip-and-Fall Case?

Slip-and-Fall lawyer new york

When Will A Defendant Normally Be Held Liable in a Slip-and-Fall Case? The outcome of these lawsuits usually depends on whether the plaintiff has successfully proved that the defendant was negligent and at least partially responsible for all the injuries sustained. When our law firm first considers representing a new client, we carefully review the basic facts of the underlying case to determine if the defendant acted negligently. We then check to see exactly when the defendant became aware of the fall hazard and if that person took any action to remedy the situation. Falls occur often in the workplace and while...

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