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How to Minimize Construction Site Dangers During the Pandemic In New York

Construction Site Dangers During the Pandemic In New York

Now that we know that the COVID-19 pandemic will be around for another year or two, we must make sure that all construction site employers follow the best safety guidelines. To help meet this challenge, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created detailed workplace recommendations. Since these guidelines are rather comprehensive, it will help to review them based on each of the specific construction safety topics they address. Both employers and workers must alter many past work practices to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 and regular construction site dangers. Subjects addressed include the need to create multiple teams and shifts,...

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New York Construction Site Accident Lawyers Discuss Building Stairway Accidents in the Workplace

Fatal Work Site Collapse in NY

Given the constant pressure to quickly erect all new business and residential skyscrapers, it’s a wonder that stairway injury and fatality statistics aren’t even higher. One study indicates that during one year alone, over eight million people required medical treatment for fall-related injuries. Furthermore, the National Safety Council and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have both noted that falls remain the number two cause of workplace fatalities. When it comes to safely use stairways, we all need to stop and reassess the risks involved. After all, 80% of falls on stairways are due to people’s poor choices – as opposed to...

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Brooklyn Engineer Faces Charges for Fatal Work Site Collapse in NY

Fatal Work Site Collapse in NY

Brooklyn engineer Abraham Hertzberg has been charged due to negligence which led to a construction worker’s (Lauro Ortega ) death. The worker died on the construction site which led to the arrest of the site owner. The engineer of a Construction site located in Brooklyn faced charges. A construction worker of this Brooklyn construction site died, after which site owner was arrested for manslaughter, a week later. Hertzberg who is a licensed engineer faked an authority personal signature to mislead the Buildings Department regarding details of the certifying personnel. Site owner William Lattarulo was charged with failing to brace the building which he...

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Are NYC Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety Threats?

Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety

Now that most New York City construction sites are active again, they are having to figure out how to safeguard their workers against all COVID-19 health concerns. Back in March, when some workers voiced their fears about inadequate safety precautions, a few major changes were made on some sites. For example, social distancing concerns caused some employers to begin having their workers arrive at staggered start times -- so that large groups of employees would stop showing up and trying to enter the grounds at the same time. Other employers began requiring all employees to stop upon arrival and undergo forehead...

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Types of Damages in a New York City Construction Injury Case

What types of compensation can an injured construction worker recover ? Under New York law, an injured construction worker can recover all damages suffered as a result of the injury or accident. The New York State Labor Law deals with the issue of liability which answers the question: who is at fault ? Labor Law 240, 241, 241(6), and 200 deal with liability of the owner and or general contractor and others in a construction accident. In some cases, the court will grant an injured construction worker summary judgment meaning the owner or general contractor is at fault as a matter of...

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Construction Site Trip & Fall Accidents

A construction worker who slips or trips & falls at a construction site may be entitled to recovery in a third party lawsuit against the landlord and contractors in addition to being eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Contact the experienced construction accident lawyers at the F&A Injury law firm for a consultation (212) 222-1111. Under section 241 of the Labor Law, a landlord and general contractor as well as other potential defendants must provide safeguards to workers at construction sites. Causes of Trip & Fall Accident construction debris: Different trades including laborers, electricians, plumbers, ironworkers, carpenters, and others collaborate on a construction...

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New York Construction Accident Lawyers

Dedicated To Vigorously Representing The Seriously Injured F&A law firm are New York City construction accident trial lawyers dedicated to vigorously representing the seriously injured. If you have been hurt on a construction job site, contact our firm for a free consultation so you can fully understand your rights. Very often a construction worker is entitled to worker’s compensation as well as a third party lawsuit against a general contractor and or owner of the property under construction. A construction accident can result in financial hardships and be devastating to the injured worker and his or her family. Medical bills, lost wages, pain...

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Construction Accident at Liberty Island, NYC

Construction Accident at Liberty Island

A construction accident was reported at the Statue of Liberty where one construction worker was injured. The construction worker fell from a cooling tower and toppled 20 feet into a pit. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The extent of his injuries is yet to be ascertained by the hospital authorities. This accident was reported in a section of the Liberty Island, New York which is off-limits to the public. It is still unknown as to what the worker was doing at Liberty Island, New York at the time of this accident....

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