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MTA Accident Lawyer

MTA Accident Lawyer

The MTA, which stands for Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is in charge of one of the largest mass transit systems in the world. They handle subway lines, commuter railways, buses, bridges, and tunnels in the five boroughs of New York City as well as surrounding suburban areas. The daily number of riders on the MTA is over 8 million. So, it makes sense that accidents related to the MTA sometimes happen. When a rider, or employee, suffers injury or wrongful death because of the negligence of the MTA, the victim or the victim’s family deserves compensation for what happened. If you’ve been...

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LIRR Boss Stepping Down

  LIRR President Patrick Nowakowski spoke to the press after a train accident that happened in Jamaica, Queens. He was the chief who oversaw the LIRR during its worst performance, and, as such, he has decided to stop down. The LIRR had its worst performance in 18 years in 2017. There were over 21,000 late trains. Nowakowski is resigning on Friday after overseeing the job for four years. “LIRR riders deserve a new leader who will demand immediate reform and who will level with and speak directly to them,” State Senator Todd Kaminsky said in a statement. After the accident in Queens, Nowakowski decided to...

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New York MTA to Launch New System for Employees

This summer the New York MTA is planning to pilot a mobile system that will help their employees document traffic issues and infrastructure issues in real time. This chatbot pilot project is being called the Collision Accident Reporting System (CARS). This program is being designed to allow employees to report accidents using their smartphones and allow managers to examine accident hotspots in order to make better decisions about fixing infrastructure. This is a daunting undertaking as the MTA moves millions of people every day. But, they are hoping this system will help with safety measures and allow the MTA to make necessary improvements...

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Subway Service Resumes as Scheduled after Fatal Incident in Queens

This update is on a story reported yesterday. Subway service has resumed as normal in Queens after a person was struck by a train at a station there. Train service was temporarily changed while emergency crews were on the scene to assist with the incident. R trains in the area were running express between Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue and Queens plaza after an individual was fatally struck at the Steinway Street Station. There were also minor delays in Queens on the E and F lines for a time, according to the MTA. The train service has resumed since that time, but commuters are still being advised...

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NYC MTA Worker Killed in Fall

In Mid-March, a New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker, St. Clair Richard Stephens, fell about 20 feet and landed on his head. He fell when a wooden safety railing broke. He was 23-years-old and a track worker. The fall led to his death. Stephens was standing between two columns when the rail gave way and sent him falling into empty space where he landed on the tracks below. He had only been working at the job for 6 months and was on a crew that was tasked with removing redundant rails and putting them on a work train. Stephens was working alone...

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Couple Injured in Train Crash in 2017 Sues LIRR

  In 2017, a Brooklyn couple was hurt in a train crash while riding the Long Island Rail Road. The husband and wife are suing the Long Island Rail Road for failing to stop the wreck. The victims were Joseph and Helen Bua; they were two of dozens of passengers who flew out of their seats when a train plowed through a metal barrier while pulling into Atlantic Terminal January of last year. This information comes from the lawsuit they filed in Queens Supreme Court. The two of them suffered many personal injuries, and they were injured along with over 100 other people...

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MTA Hit With Demand for Guardrails in Subway

The MTA has been hit with a class action call for guardrails in the Subway. After nearly a dozen instances of tragedy happening on New York City’s subways tracks, a woman who had a close call herself is bringing a federal class action suit to the MTA and demanding safety reforms. This story happened on March 22, 2018. The lead plaintiff in the case is Mary West. She only suffered minor injuries to her leg when it got caught between an Uptown 1 train and the platform. This happened last year. Her 36-page complaint was full of disturbing photos of commuters...

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