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Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

[vc_row triangle_shape="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many companies rely on trucks, construction vehicles, and tractor-trailers to transport their goods across the country. The drivers of these vehicles are required to obtain special licenses and undergo extensive training to legally operate them. In addition, the trucking companies must adhere to specific guidelines as to how heavy their vehicle may be. Unfortunately, these trucks are sometimes overloaded in an attempt to increase profits and shorten transport bills. This dangerous practice makes the trucks unwieldy and can lead to an accident. A Bronx truck accident lawyer represents people injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle. In the process, a...

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New Technologies Can Help Truckers Decrease Fatigue and Accidents


Veterans of the trucking industry like Juan Ochoa, who currently manages a group of about 80 long-haul trucks in Kent Washington, estimate that roughly seventy percent (70%) of all trucking accidents are caused by fatigue. Ochoa also asserts that once truck drivers become too tired, they’re no longer able to respond quickly enough to road dangers. Aware of this problem, many businesses are now creating and marketing products that can help truckers remain fully aware of when they’ve become too drowsy to drive. Dr. Daniel Bongers’s Australian company SmartCap currently markets a line of industrial safety products that can help most...

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New York City Truck Accident Evidence

There is a variety of vital evidence that should be obtained and preserved in a truck accident lawsuit before the trucking company destroys it. Crucial pieces of evidence for a truck accident lawyer to obtain include: The Black Box or Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) The Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) or black box inside the truck keeps track of events and diagnostic information both prior to, in the midst of, and after a truck accident. Inspecting the Truck Itself A complete inspection of the truck is important for a comprehensive understanding of all the possible causes of a truck accident. A trucking safety engineering expert...

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Causes of Truck Accidents in New York City

Truck accidents cause well over 100,000 injuries in America 5,000 fatalities. More than one third of the injuries are catastrophic. Due to their size, tractor trailers present a danger on the roadways. Trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds comprise 3% of vehicles yet cause more than 1/4th of all motor vehicle deaths. A big truck’ s impact equals the force of 20 cars. Truck Accident matters require a highly experienced New York City truck accident attorney that understands the intricacies of tractor trailer litigation. F&A has been litigating truck accident matters for many years. How An Attorney Can Help We immediately investigate a...

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Determining Fault in a New York City Truck Accident Case

In a simple car accident, it is usually easy to determine liability. There are known scenarios: a rear end impact, a left turn impact, a driver who disregarded a stop sign or traffic light. However, in truck accident matters, it is often more difficult to establish liability because there are many factors involved which make for a much more complex legal matter. This is one of the reasons it is important to consult with an experienced truck accident attorney who is familiar with tractor trailer regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act ("FMCSA"). Common Causes of Truck Accidents Truck accidents...

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New York City Bus Accident Lawyers

In Manhattan and other parts of New York City, it is often cost prohibitive to purchase, store, and drive an automobile. For this and other reasons, public transportation in New York City including by bus is very popular. With a large number of public and private buses traveling the streets of New York sharing roadways with the pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle traffic, bus accidents are an unfortunate but inevitable outcome. Driver error is the number one cause of bus accidents. This includes distracted driving, aggressive driving, inattention, lack of training or experience, failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles,...

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Tractor Trailer Accidents in New York City

In New York City, tractor trailers are being used more extensively on all major highways and even on smaller streets and roadways. Tractor Trailers are transporting various goods throughout the New York metropolitan area including food, beverages, and other items sold at the retailer. Tractor Trailer or trucking accidents often occur on highways at high speeds but can also cause serious injuries at low speeds when the tractor trailer is turning or when the operator fails to be aware of his surroundings. One example is when a tractor trailer fails to see a pedestrian, bicyclist, another vehicle, or motorcyclist. Manhattan, NY 18...

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New York Truck Accident Lawyer

We Maximize Recovery For You and Your Family If you or a family member have been injured by a big rig or a semi truck, you’re probably receiving huge medical bills and auto repair bills. You want the driver, the driver’s employer, and their insurance company to pay for your bills and compensate you for the injuries you suffered. But the truck driver’s company and its insurance company will hire investigators, doctors, and lawyers to defend their own interests so they can save their money by not paying you for what suffered. Frehktman & Associates will fight for what you deserve. We focus...

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New York City Truck Accident Lawyer


At Frekhtman & Associates, our New York City truck accident lawyers offer experienced representation for clients involved in an accident involving a truck. These accidents involve garbage trucks, jackknife truck incidents, bucket trucks, and 18-wheelers. The trucking insurance companies have their own defense lawyers working hard to protect their interests. A timely investigation is crucial so that witnesses can be identified, witness statements obtained, and photos of the damage to the vehicles, points of impact, and location of the accident can be taken. In some circumstances, it is advisable to hire experts in the field of accident reconstruction or the trucking...

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