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Frekhtman & Associates settles trip and fall for $425,000.00

An elderly man in his mid 80's tripped and fell over a box left under a pool table at a senior citizen care center. He sustained a fracture of his hip requiring surgery.  He retained Frekhtman & Associates to represent him for this serious personal injury case. The firm filed a lawsuit, conducted discovery, and prepared the matter for trial. Defendants denied liability arguing that the plaintiff leaned forward too far while playing pool, which caused him to fall on his side. Recently, on the eve of trial, the matter was amicably settled for $425,000.  The lawsuit was brought in...

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Construction Accident Facts by New York Attorney

Construction Industry is one the biggest industries in the USA. However, construction accidents and deaths are ranked 3rd among all other accidents in the New York State. If you are injured in a construction accident then you must get in touch with a construction accident lawyer. There are different types of construction accidents which can take place at construction site. Some of these accidents includes Hoisting Accidents, Accidents with construction equipment or machinery: Forklift and or Crane Accidents, Car Accidents with construction vehicles, Falling object or construction debris hitting worker, Worker falls from a height / elevated platform / falls from...

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An Insight on New York State (NYS) Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law provides compensation for personal injury victims. Personal injury law provides compensation if victim has suffered injuries and trauma due to negligence of some individual or authority. If you are involved in a personal injury accident then personal injury law will provide you all the necessary help you require. Personal injury law provides compensation in variety of injury cases which includes dog bites, nursing home abuse, car accident, truck accident and several others including medical malpractice by your surgeon or some medical authority. You can also file a personal injury compensation claim against the state authorities like New York...

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