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New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyers Examine the Safety of Spinal Injections

Managing severe back pain following a serious fall or a major vehicle accident can be a daunting task explains one of the New York City medical malpractice lawyers at the Frekhtman &Associates law firm. And once prescribed opioids and other narcotic painkillers no longer provide significant relief (or you fear becoming addicted to them), one of your doctors will probably suggest that you obtain steroid injections directly into your back muscles – and maybe even undergo at least one epidural steroid injection (ESI). While this latter procedure frequently provides some short-term relief for a few weeks or longer for many patients, its...

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New York Burn Injury Lawyers Discuss Common Causes of Industrial Fires

Every year, American fire departments respond to an average of 37,000 industrial fires that cause 18 civilian deaths, 279 civilian injuries, and roughly $1 billion in property damage explains one of the New York burn injury lawyers at the F&A accident law firm in Manhattan. Since government efforts to better regulate workplace safety aren’t always successful, individual employers must decide to fully protect their workers. Recognizing the most frequent causes of workplace fires can benefit everyone. The Most Common Causes of Industrial Fires The improper presence or storage of liquids and gases Combustible dust Ongoing “hot work” that includes torch...

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NYC Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Winter Time Tractor Trailer Hazards

Truck Accidents are more dangerous because of the heavy loads trailers carry and are much more dangerous in the winter. A loaded trailer on an 18-wheeler can be 30,000 to 70,000 pounds. Most companies and owner-operators try to operate their vehicles safely, but winter driving introduces additional hazards. These include ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and foggy conditions. Tractor trailers and other big commercial vehicles still have the same disadvantages they have in good weather. Their huge mass makes it harder for a driver to stop or dodge a hazard on the road. Trucks are more vulnerable to strong cross winds. A...

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New York City Construction Site Accident Lawyer Discusses Worker Fall Down Injuries

In September of 2016, yet another construction worker fell to his death while working on a high-rise project explains a New York City construction site accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm. Initial reports indicated that the 52-year-old man, whose name was initially withheld, passed away after falling 42 stories from a midtown skyscraper located at 1301 Sixth Avenue. A New Lines Structure spokesman told NBC News that the victim was actually the owner of Crowne Architectural Systems. He was declared dead at the scene. Unfortunately, falls like these happen far too often in the construction industry. The Department of...

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Semi Truck Accident Attorney: Driving Habits Are a Big Predictor of Future Accidents

There are many causes of semi truck accidents, such as driver inexperience and mechanical failure. Among the top causes, however, is force of habit explains a New York semi truck accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. Truck drivers who habitually commit traffic violations such as making improper lane changes will continue to do so until they lose their job from accruing too many traffic tickets or causing an accident. These are drivers who have the skill but not the inclination to drive safely. Some drivers automatically react to specific situations in a dangerous way while others do so...

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New York Auto Accident Lawyers Discuss Pedestrian Injuries & Safety Tips

New York Pedestrian Injuries & Safety Tips First responders have many important yet unpleasant tasks to handle on a daily basis. Perhaps one of the hardest is seeing the terrible toll pedestrians suffer after being hit by careless motorists. Without the protection of a vehicle wrapped around them, many pedestrians suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, severe lacerations, and various head injuries when hit by cars, trucks or buses. Recent New York State Department of Motor Vehicle accident statistics published online indicate that there were 269 fatal pedestrian/motor crashes reported to the police in 2014. Equally disturbing were the more than 14,000...

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New York City Elevator Accident Lawyer Discusses Safety & Ways to Avoid These Serious Accidents

Avoiding New York City Elevator Accidents With over 60,000 elevators currently operating in this city, it’s a wonder that major accidents don’t unfold every week or two. Fortunately, new technologies and ongoing safety inspections have greatly decreased these types of incidents explains a New York City elevator accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm. Nevertheless, far too many of these accidents are still reported each year. Here’s a look at some of the more recent ones – followed by a list of safety tips for keeping yourself safe while riding on one. NYC Elevator Accidents During the Past Seven Years July 2016. Shortly before...

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Help Your Kids Have a Safe and Fun Halloween from a NY Accident Attorney

Help Your Kids Have a Safe and Fun Halloween Before heading out on Halloween night with kids dressed up as a superhero, princesses, dinosaurs or monsters, be sure to share some safety tips with them explaining a NY accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. They need to understand that while they’re entitled to have fun while yelling “trick or treat” and obtaining great candy, they must still watch out for dangerous people who may try to harm them. The following safety tips have been divided into two groups. The first section contains good ideas for properly preparing for the big...

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Personal Injury Lawyer discusses Pedestrian Parking Lot Accidents

Car Personal Injury Lawyer

Parking lots are dangerous because they mix cars and pedestrians together, yet are neither streets nor sidewalks. They lack the traffic control and intensive law enforcement of streets and highways, and unlike sidewalks, they don't isolate the pedestrian from motor vehicle traffic. Painted lines and stop signs are in place to direct and control motor vehicles, but drivers can freely ignore them without fearing consequences. In addition to this imperfect arrangement, the slow speed of traffic lulls both drivers and pedestrians into a false sense of security. Drivers are distracted by their cell phones while looking for parking spaces, and pedestrians...

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NYC accident lawyer discusses Keeping New York Children’s Playgrounds Safe

As New York kids head back to school again, parents are busy searching for the best teachers and academic opportunities available. Yet in the midst of these important tasks, they must also check on the safety of their children’s playgrounds. Current New York statistics indicate that on most days, 16 children require hospital treatment for playground injuries. Furthermore, at least one of these kids is so seriously hurt that full hospitalization is required. Fortunately, the New York State Department of Health, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) keep reviewing new playground studies...

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