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Paralysis Injury Lawyer discussed how these serious accidents can happen

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the three most common reasons for permanent partial or total paralysis include stroke, head injury, and spinal cord injury. Of these conditions, stroke is the only one that occurs internally. This means it happens within a person's body and is not caused by outside trauma of some kind. Unfortunately, people who suffer from a head or spinal cord injury are often the victim of another person's carelessness or even their intentional actions. Car accidents, unsafe work environments, and physical assault are all leading causes of these severe injuries. Paralysis after a Head Injury A person who...

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A tech marvel of the future, Hoverboards bring many back to personal injury lawsuits

Hoverboards were one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. Unfortunately many hoverboards have been spontaneously exploding or bursting into flames while in use. Riders have sustained injuries requiring hospitalization after falling from these defective boards. At least two lawsuits have been filed already against hoverboard manufacturers and retailers. A plaintiff in Alabama filed a personal injury lawsuit against a retailer sounding in negligence and products liability for a hoverboard that started a house fire. A New York plaintiff filed suit when his hoverboard caught fire while charging. His lawsuit is against both the manufacturer of the Hoverboard, a company called...

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Intersection accident between a car and garbage truck

A serious truck accident in Nassau County Long Island, NY in the town of Inwood occurred at approximately 4 a.m. on Saturday November 28, 2015. A garbage truck crashed into a passenger vehicle at the corner of Sheridan Boulevard and Bayview Avenue. The collision caused an explosion with flames emanating from the wreck. One resident who heard the crash compared it to an airplane crashing and described it as a horrible sound. Two passengers in the passenger vehicle were killed while the garbage truck driver was taken to a local hospital with injuries. An accident like the above could likely be caused...

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Recent accidents highlight dangers of truck traffic

Just one day prior to a state-wide safe roads initiative two truck accidents underscored the growing problem. A truck driver was driving too fast which led to a rollover accident resulting in his truck spilling 200 gallons of fuel. This single truck accident caused a mile long traffic back up on the road and will require a vast clean-up effort. It was the driver’s first day working for this trucking company and his cargo load was not evenly distributed or secured. A second accident involved a motor vehicle that pulled out in front of a moving truck which caused the truck...

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Summertime Car Crashes: When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the summer months see the highest rate of motor vehicle fatalities. In general, car crash incidences, whether fatal or not, increase in the summer for a number of reasons: Teen drivers, who are less experienced and more impulsive while driving, are out on the road more, especially since school is out. National holidays such as the Fourth of July or Labor Day see an increase in drinking and driving More people are on the road, going on vacation, taking short trips during the day, and enjoying the warmer weather on their motorcycles. The...

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Frekhtman & Associates win $225,000.00 for a pedestrian trip and fall accident

Frekhtman & Associates, and (866) ATTY LAW, successfully represented a pedestrian who tripped and fell due to a misleveling on a sidewalk in midtown Manhattan.  Originally, the defendant landlord failed to answer the complaint and a default judgment was entered. An inquest followed which awarded plaintiff a sum of money. He then attempted to collect these funds by entering a judgment. At this time, defendants moved by Order to Show Cause to vacate the default judgment. During the pendency of this motion for relief, the parties agreed to schedule a mediation. No insurance coverage was applicable but the landlord...

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Bronx accident lawyer wins $75,000 for rear end auto case

Cleon N. Ioannides v. Operative Plasterers & Cement Mason’s Local 5 and Sperios S. Cocomos No. 26774/04 Date of Verdict/Settlement: December 17, 2007 TOPIC: MOTOR VEHICLE - REAR-ENDER - MOTOR VEHICLE - MULTIPLE VEHICLE Car Crash Caused Spinal Injuries, Plaintiff Alleged SUMMARY: RESULT: Verdict-Plaintiff The jury found that Ioannides’ damages totaled $75,000, all for his past pain and suffering. Expert Witnesses: Plaintiff: Arden Kaisman, M.D.; Pain Management; New York, NY Defendant: Jonathan Glassman, M.D.; Orthopedics; Forest Hills, NY Attorneys: Plaintiff: David J. DeToffol; trial counsel to Frekhtman & Associates; New York, NY (Cleon N. Ioannides) Defendant: Rik Bachman; Thomas K. Moore; White Plains, NY (Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons’ Local 5, Sperios S....

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