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Category: Brain Injuries

NY traumatic brain injury attorneys examine the evidence: What can sleep cycles tell us about TBI recovery?

January 18, 2017 Frekhtman & Associates

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) can result in a variety of painful, disruptive, and protracted symptoms, including loss of consciousness explains one of the New York traumatic brain injury attorneys at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. For people with moderate to severe TBIs, loss of consciousness is a significant …

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New York Brain Injury Attorney Explains How Concussion Injuries Can Lead to More Complicated Medical Conditions

January 3, 2017 Frekhtman & Associates

While most of us were growing up, we often heard adults say that our high school football players and other athletes needed to avoid suffering any serious concussion injuries. However, since most of our young friends who incurred head trauma seemed to do fine afterwards – we mistakenly assumed that …

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Brain injury lawyer examines new findings on subconcussive blows to the head

December 7, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

In recent years, researchers have been paying more attention to the effects of repeated blows to the head suffered by football players and other athletes explains a New York City brain injury lawyer. For example, some retired football players have developed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease associated …

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New York Brain Injury Attorney Discusses Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

December 6, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Children’s Traumatic Brain Injuries Every year, a large percentage of children’s disabilities and deaths are caused by traumatic brain injuries. These tragedies usually occur before age four – or between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. Perhaps the saddest additional fact is that too many caring parents, teachers, and other …

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When Mild Doesn’t Mean Gentle from New York Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

October 28, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Mild. What does it mean? We’ll save you a Google search or trip to your bookshelf. “Mild” is an adjective that means: “Gentle and not easily provoked” “(of a rule or punishment) of only moderate severity” “not keenly felt or seriously intended” Okay, but what does “mild” mean in the …

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What You Need To Know Before Hiring Brain Injury

October 12, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

A brain injury is one of most devastating injuries that a New York resident or any other individual can suffer. There are a limited number of brain damages that are reversible and a brain injury can yield to a variety of problems ranging from trouble in performing the easiest and …

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Brain Injury Lawyer Notes Case Of Bedridden Boxer

July 28, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Prior to a heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden, Magomed Abdusalamov was unbeaten in 18 matches. In fact, no bout had gone past the fifth round. His fight against Mike Perez was one that promised to launch him on a trajectory toward a possible heavyweight title fight explains a NYC …

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Brain Injury Lawyer Discusses $51.5 Million Award In Defective Truck Brake Case

July 12, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

A jury cited a deficient parking brake system on a large truck in awarding the family of a severely brain-damaged woman $51.5 million explains a brain injury lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in New York City. The jury returned the verdict on April 12, 2016, in Orleans Parish …

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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Discusses Alleged Long Island DWI

June 30, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

A couple and their son were on their way to visit another son in the military in Virginia when an alleged drunk driver crashed into their Ford Escape on the Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station on Sunday, June 26 explains New York City traumatic brain injury attorney at the F&A …

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3 Ways A Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You Pursue A Legal Claim

May 18, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

When you or someone you love has experienced a brain injury, hiring a brain injury lawyer to provide assistance in the aftermath of this trauma could be the last thing on your mind. But there are a number of ways that a brain injury lawyer can help you pursue your …

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