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Construction Accidents

Falling Object Accidents Expose Workers and Innocent Bystanders To Grave Risks

In New York City’s boroughs and beyond, falling objects repeatedly threaten the safety and well-being of innocent bystanders and workers alike. The region is one of the most densely populated in the entire country, and the prevalence of high-rise structures increases gravity-related accidents. Sometimes, larger objects like crane booms fall to the ground, resulting in injury and/or death. For example, in February 2016, a boom crashed to the ground in TriBeCa, killing a man from the Upper West Side. Smaller objects can also severely injure private citizens and workers, particularly when they fall large distances. Case Study: Falling Hammock On Tuesday, April 25,...

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Bronx Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

Many of the worst Bronx construction site accidents involve workers who fall off poorly constructed or maintained scaffolding. Workers must always listen closely during training sessions designed to teach them how to properly erect, use and dismantle scaffolding. Should an employer failed to offer such training, workers should ask an immediate supervisor to provide it or consider filing a complaint with OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). What follows is a brief review of two Bronx scaffolding accidents, as well as a look at important terms and definitions workers need to recognize and understand. General scaffolding safety guidelines are also...

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New York City Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolding remains an integral part of building high-rises and performing maintenance on various structures after they’ve been completed. Here in New York City, countless workers must daily use scaffolds while performing their assigned tasks. They must constantly keep an eye out for large gusts of wind, heavy rains and other challenging conditions. When construction workers fail to wear adequate safety harnesses and other devices while working on scaffolds, they can easily fall and suffer serious injuries or even death. The scaffolding accidents noted below should remind the public and all construction site managers that they must be sure these structures are correctly...

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NYC Construction Accident Lawyers Discuss Elevation Related Claims

One of the most common construction site injuries is falls. Workers can experience severe injury from a variety of sources, typically involving scaffolding, ladders, or various other equipment carrying a risk of gravity-induced injury explains one of the NYC construction accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. In cases of particularly severe falls, permanent impairment, disability, or even death may result. However, even comparatively small falls can result in substantial claims for damages; in 2016, for example, one worker suffered serious injury after falling only 12 inches through a small platform opening. Both the trial judge and subsequent...

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Update: 1 Worker, 2 Pedestrians Hit in Scaffolding Collapse

This story is an update on a story from earlier today. This is a new and developing story. Three people were hurt when a 20-foot section of scaffolding fell onto a Brooklyn sidewalk. Crews were working on taking apart large metal rods and panels at around 11 in the morning on Saturday when the scaffolding collapse near Brooklyn Borough Hall. The scaffolding hit one worker and two pedestrians and caused injury to all three of them. A witness, Jennifer Harvey, has this to say about the accident, ““We just all of a sudden heard a crashing of the scaffolding, and then people screaming.” The worker...

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Man Killed in Colonie Industrial Accident

Last week, a man was killed in an industrial accident that happened on Sunday morning. The incident occurred in Colonie, New York, at TNT Landscaping and Excavating. This location was at 117 Morris Road. The victim was a 61-year-old man who was alone at the business when he became pinned between two pieces of equipment. He died instantly from head trauma. This information comes from police who were there. The identity of the victim hasn’t been released yet. He was taken to Albany Medical Center where an autopsy was performed. OSHA was contacted, and they are investigating. Did you lose a loved one in...

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Surprise Crane Inspections by DOB

In New York City, high winds are not uncommon. Across the area, construction crews are required to ensure that huge cranes are secured properly. The Department of buildings was making surprise inspections last week to see if construction companies were in compliance with these regulations. They went to a construction site in Brooklyn where a site had to be shut down because of a glitch on a device that measured wind speed on the crane. DOB inspector Michael Linton said, “(The device) must be operational before they resume activity.” In 2016, a crane came crashing down on a windy morning and killed a passerby....

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More Information on Construction Accident Lawyers in NYC

After you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you might be asking yourself if you need a personal injury lawyer or not. It can take time for you to recover from the accident, and you are likely overwhelmed by everything that is going on. Adding the legal matters on top of everything else can seem stressful, but you do not have to go this route alone. A personal injury lawyer can help you with the whole legal process from filing your claim to taking it to court if that becomes necessary. Having the help of an attorney will lift the burden off...

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A New Law Seeks to Prevent Construction-Related Deaths

A new law in New York City is looking to decrease the number of construction accidents and deaths. Last year, construction accidents took the lives of 12 workers in New York City. This information comes from the Department of Buildings. In Queens alone, three workers were killed and 95 were injured last year. Local Law 196 was passed and signed by Mayor de Blasio last October, and it went into effect on March 1. It mandates that workers and supervisors must draft a site safety plan and go through safety training. This law seeks to improve safety conditions and prevent accidents in...

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Construction Workers Honored on 10-Year Anniversary

In March, six construction workers who died in a fatal crane collapse were honored at a 10-year-anniversary ceremony in Midtown. The families and friends of the six construction workers gathered together to mark the anniversary of the event and to remember and honor their loved ones. This accident occurred 10 years ago when the workers were at a construction site. A reverend at the ceremony said, “We are here today not for how our brothers died, but more importantly how our brothers lived and how our brothers loved.” The memorial occurred at the site where the accident happened at around E. 51st St....

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