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Brooklyn Construction Injury Lawyer

Injured In A Construction Accident In Brooklyn? Accidents can occur at construction sites even with the proper safety equipment and training. These accidents are sometimes the result of the reckless or careless actions of a site manager or a reckless employee. When this is the case, an individual may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury claim or, if they are a worker, seek benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. The process of recovering compensation differs greatly depending upon the facts of an individual case. A construction injury lawyer in Brooklyn could help individuals who were injured on a construction...

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Brooklyn Demolition Accident Lawyer

There is a serious shortage of space in Brooklyn, which makes demolition projects common. While most people imagine a wrecking ball when thinking about demolition, there are many types within construction. Workers may tear down a wall with a sledgehammer and knock out other structures. These aspects of demolition all have one thing in common, they can be very dangerous. The injuries resulting from a demolition accident are often catastrophic. Workers can get injured by the amount of debris flying around during demolition. Those on the job site when a building is completely demolished while they are still in the area...

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New York Accident Lawyer

[table-of-content] Types of Accidents Frekhtman & Associates (“F&A”) are NYC accident lawyers handling all types of accident and injury matters. F&A is a preeminent law firm specializing in the preparation and trial of serious and catastrophic accident cases that occur continuously across New York, whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island. Attorneys at F&A are committed to helping accident victims receive compensation for any injuries or losses they may have suffered in an accident caused by the negligence of another party. The firm prides itself on the meticulous preparation of complex litigation matters, so clients are at ease and confident...

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Far Too Many Pedestrian Accidents Keep Happening in NYC

Pedestrian Accident lawyer NYC

Far Too Many Pedestrian Accidents Keep Happening in NYC The latter part of 2019 proved to be just as dangerous for pedestrians as the earlier part of that same year. In fact, during one 72-hour period, six pedestrians were killed – four of them by commercial truck drivers. Despite the city’s efforts to decrease all traffic accidents and fatalities under the Vision Zero program, there appears to be ongoing fluctuation in the high number of people dying on New York City streets each year.  The only truly redeemable part of the 2019 statistics indicated that there were fewer traffic deaths for the...

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Brooklyn Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolds are an integral part of a construction project allowing workers to work at the properly designated height on the exterior of a structure. However, scaffolds often lead to serious accidents and injuries when not properly set up, maintained, and erected. The Brooklyn scaffold accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm are action driven trial lawyers with a passion to prosecute construction accident lawsuits quickly through the court system to obtain maximum results. Causes of Scaffold Accidents Poor scaffold erection, set up, and or construction. Workers using the wrong type of construction equipment for the job being performed including the...

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Brooklyn Degloving Injury Attorneys

Degloving injuries are very serious injuries where the skin, soft tissues, tendons and muscles are ripped off the bone akin to removing a glove from your hand. One of the primary causes of degloving injuries are pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents where an individual is dragged by a car along the roadway or run over by a vehicle. Another major cause is industrial or work accidents involving large equipment or machinery such as tractors, conveyor belts, forklifts, drill presses, cranes, back hoes, and similar equipment. Degloving injuries occur when someone’s arm or foot gets caught in a machine and pulled or...

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Accident Lawyer Discusses Complex Accident Scene on the Whitestone Expressway

It is possible that alleged drunken driving initiated events on the Whitestone Expressway that left two people seriously injured. Friend Arrives to Help Stranded Friend The New York Daily News reports that a 22-year-old female motorist from Lindenhurst allegedly crashed her 2014 Nissan at about 5 a.m. on Saturday, March 12. Her disabled vehicle ended up on the right shoulder. Rather than call 911 for help, authorities said she called a friend to come help her. Her female friend arrived in a 2015 Dodge minutes later. An off-duty, 34-year-old male EMT in a 2008 Chevrolet also stopped to assist. Woman Plunges off Overpass As...

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Pedestrian Knockdown Accident Lawyers Discuss Accident at Harlem Laundromat

Brooklyn car accident image courtesy nyc lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates

A motorist allegedly lost control of his sport utility vehicle before it crashed into a Harlem laundromat. The 59-year-old man told authorities that he was attempting to park the vehicle on East 102nd Street near Lexington Avenue at about 1:50 p.m. on Thursday, January 21. Vehicle Rolls Down Sidewalk Instead, the SUV sped out of control for unknown reasons. It travelled down a sidewalk and past two houses along East 102nd Street. The New York Daily News reports that the wayward SUV struck a female pedestrian in front of the laundromat that she was exiting. A witness described to a reporter how...

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