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Amazon’s Delivery Dangers Exposed


Every month, roughly 100 million people purchase goods from Amazon’s online shopping portal. In fact, some experts claim that thousands of goods are sold every minute, increasing profits for a vast network of entrepreneurs. Yet sadly, all these purchases and deliveries play a direct role in the high number of Amazon delivery truck accidents. A remarkably in-depth, September 2022 Wall Street Journal article states that Amazon regularly employed trucking companies with questionable driving safety records until recent years. This flawed decision likely played a role in many Amazon delivery van accidents. After vast numbers of innocent vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists...

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What Should I Do After An Accident With A Commercial Truck In NYC

Most New York City pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists pass by countless commercial vehicles every day. In fact, many of these large trucks, buses, and motor coaches dominate our city’s streets and freeways. We often take special notice of them when their drivers double park while making deliveries. Unfortunately, these vehicles play a major role in far too many accidents. What follows is a closer look at what you should do right after being injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle. There’s also a brief overview of the types of motor vehicles often classified as being used for “commercial” purposes. If you...

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What happens in case of a commercial car collisions & vehicle accidents during work hours


Many workers often find themselves being asked to drive a company car or their own vehicle while handling employer tasks or errands. Bronx commercial vehicles include Amazon trucks, UPS trucks, 18 wheeler semi-trucks, box trucks, local company vans, and even small cars driven by workers while in the course and scope of their employment. While most of these trips turn out fine, others end in serious and costly accidents. Who should cover the cost of paying your medical bills if you are injured – or if you injure others? Whose insurance policy should cover all the property damage, loss of earnings,...

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New York City Can Provide Better Protection Against Delivery Truck Accidents

delivery accident lawyer

Every day, New York City delivery truck drivers are constantly trying to meet daily deadlines while serving the needs of over eight million residents, countless commuters, and constantly expanding business interests. Yet like everyone else, they must avoid negligently causing accidents just because they’re trying to impress their employers by shaving a few minutes off their delivery times explains a New York City delivery truck accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. Since the average delivery truck is much larger than many of today’s smaller cars, if you’re hit by one – you’re likely to be seriously injured....

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Since COVID-19 Delivery Trucks Accidents are on the Rise in NYC

Delivery truck lawyer new york city

Pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers riding in cars or trucks are in greater danger today of being in serious accidents due to COVID-19 and careless delivery drivers. After all, the pandemic and all the restaurants and stores that are still closed are making it necessary for many Americans to keep ordering food and other goods to be delivered to their homes therefor Delivery Trucks Accidents are on the Rise in NYC. With so many truck and van drivers rushing around to meet employer-imposed deadlines, it is much more dangerous to be outside now than at the same time last year. These days,...

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Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers


  Need Help? Contact our Legal Team You can rarely go anywhere in New York City without seeing countless commercial trucks, company cars, vans, and other vehicles rushing to deliver food or packages to customers. Dozens of other vehicles are busy taking their various utility or repair services to new and old clients as well. Sadly, while mass transit and other traffic remain limited due to the pandemic - speeding delivery and other drivers remain a major threat to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers. We must all constantly watch out for the threatening presence of these moving vehicles. In some cases, even the...

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