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Safety Tips for Workers

Construction sites are very dangerous, both for workers and those in the nearby area. By following a few simple tips, construction workers can complete their projects while ensuring everyone is kept safe. Construction workers should make an ongoing effort to attend all safety training programs offered by employers, unions, and other local organizations. These courses and seminars can provide new information on job safety even for those who have taken similar classes before. Workers should also always ensure they are wearing proper safety gear for their job. Steel-toed boots, high-visibility vests, helmets, and harnesses are just a few pieces of equipment construction...

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New York State (NYS) Workers Compensation Lawsuits-Claim Guide by Injury Lawyer


As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4 million workers were injured on the job during 2005 and 5,700 workers lost their lives from work-related injuries. New York State’s no-fault worker’s compensation program is meant to provide financial protection to workers hurt on the job and to provide the appropriate medical care. NYS State law requires employers to purchase insurance in order to provide workers’ compensation benefits to his/her employees. This insurance covers payments for medical care and to replace lost wages. It also provides facilities regarding medical treatment. However, denials are common while filing an injury claim....

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Are NYC Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety Threats?

Construction Sites Adapting to COVID-19 Safety

Now that most New York City construction sites are active again, they are having to figure out how to safeguard their workers against all COVID-19 health concerns. Back in March, when some workers voiced their fears about inadequate safety precautions, a few major changes were made on some sites. For example, social distancing concerns caused some employers to begin having their workers arrive at staggered start times -- so that large groups of employees would stop showing up and trying to enter the grounds at the same time. Other employers began requiring all employees to stop upon arrival and undergo forehead...

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Brain Injury Case Values Can Vary Greatly

Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury Case Values Can Vary Greatly Predicting the possible settlement value of a head or brain injury case is extremely complicated since most clients experience many unique sets of problems. However, once our law firm has had the chance to review a client’s medical records and billings, we’re in a much better position to try and assign a potential value to a case – assuming there is ample proof of liability of one or more defendants named in the lawsuit. As many clients know, immediate treatment after suffering a head injury is crucial. This holds true whether someone has been injured...

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New York City Construction Site Debris Accident Law Firm

While construction sites can vary greatly, nearly all of them are hazardous places to work since so many materials must constantly be lifted or moved to different locations. With workers on platforms, driving trucks and operating cranes, the chances that large and small pieces of debris will fall or hit someone are rather high. For this reason, all construction site supervisors must develop safety plans to protect everyone from being hurt by debris. Before discussing some of the safety measures that can help protect everyone from dangerous materials, it’s important to review the many different types of debris often present on...

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NYC Construction Accident Attorneys Discuss How to Obtain Proper Care for Your Construction Site Amputation Injuries

Roughly 1.8 million Americans must daily cope with physical amputation injuries explain the NYC construction accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm. While some have such operations due to diabetes and other diseases, others incur them while working on construction sites (or getting penned inside vehicles during car accidents). Power press operators and others working with heavy machinery are especially likely to suffer injuries leading to the amputation of a finger, arm or hand. Many construction site workers also need lower body extremities amputated after falling from great heights or when their personal protection equipment fails to work properly. Being...

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Workers Fall From Scaffold Into Wet Concrete After Building Collapse

Sometimes, construction workers face the harrowing prospect of a building collapse in the course of their work. One of the dangers of construction work is a fall from a ladder or scaffold. Innocent bystanders may be victims as well. Depending upon the circumstances, workers comp and/or personal injury statutes may apply. Building Collapse Sends Workers into Wet Concrete Sometimes, new construction leads to collapses due to improper bracing, improper design or faulty construction techniques. On Friday, May 26, a building under construction partially collapsed in Oakland, California. A fire battalion chief said the collapse happened at around 9:30 a.m at 3093 Broadway,...

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NYC Construction Site Accident Lawyer Points Out Dangers of High-Pressure Work Environments

Construction Accident Lawyer

When companies feel pressured to meet certain goals, such as an important deadline or a specific level of earnings, they can wind up compromising worker safety. The Harvard Business Review recently reported a study evaluating companies that feel pressured to meet analysts' earnings predictions. When companies just meet the predicted level of earnings or barely exceed it, they have a higher rate of worker injuries and illnesses. This also holds true when comparisons are made across companies; companies that fall short of predicted earnings or more easily surpass them experience lower rates of worker injuries and illnesses than companies who have...

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New York City Crane Accident Lawyers

Crane operators and owners have been in the news due to serious crane accidents in New York City in recent years. See Throughout the United States of America, more than 125,000 cranes are in operation at construction sites across America. Cranes are vital to efficient construction but are also very dangerous. Types of Crane Accidents Handled by NYC construction accident attorneys a worker fall from a crane crane collapse boom of the crane falling or collapsing crane dropping a load it was holding crane overturning crane rigging problems failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions and specifications for use of the crane uneven...

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Welding Accidents

Welding is a highly specialized field that is vital to the construction industry in New York City. Unfortunately, the activity can be inherently dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), one out of every two hundred and fifty construction workers is killed on the job due to a welding accident. While OSHA has formed various regulations to reduce the number of workers severely injured and killed in welding accidents, many construction companies and owners fail to implement and train them. Contact our team at (212) 222-1111 for your free case evaluation. [table-of-content] What Safety Measures Prevent Welding Accidents in New...

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