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Degloving Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle and Workplace Accidents


Although severe head trauma and broken bones cause extensive suffering after major auto and workplace accidents, “degloving” injuries can prove even more challenging. The most common types of these accidents shave or shear off the top layer of your skin. Imagine what happens to a human body as its partially jutting out of a vehicle during a rollover accident. The term “degloving” was coined since it makes you think of what you see when a person quickly removes latex gloves off their hands. Workers on assembly lines or managing large farm equipment can also experience devastating “degloving” injuries. While many of these...

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Car Accident Attorney Offers Winter Driving Tips for New York Roads and Freeways

car accident lawyer

Now that clear skies often give way to heavy winter rains, snow and sleet, everyone needs to exercise greater caution while traveling on New York roads and freeways. Perhaps the most tip is to only drive on days you must go out – and try to run critical errands on the way home from work or other key destinations. If you’ll also have your car thoroughly “winterized” with new antifreeze, better tires, and upgraded brakes, you’ll remain much safer than most of those you pass by. Here are some helpful driving safety tips provided by our state government, a local daily newspaper,...

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New York Teen Dies From Injuries a Year After Crash

New York teen dies from car crash injuries

In Colonie, New York, a teenager who suffered severe burns died from his injuries over a year after the car crash he was in happened. This accident happened in New York over a year ago. According to the Albany County district attorney’s office, the 17-year-old, Niko DiNovo, died on Monday evening of the 19th of March. According to sources, the teen suffered third-degree burns to around 95 percent of his body. He received these injuries after a car crushed that happened in October 2016 in Colonie. The accident was caused when DeNovo's friend, Michael Carr, was driving over the speed limit. He...

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New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Current Statistics and Ways to Decrease Accidents


New York Motorcycle Accidents Claim Far Too Many Lives Every year, thousands of New York motorcyclists ride their bikes to and from work and plan special weekend trips and longer vacations through beautiful scenic valleys. On other occasions, numerous motorcyclists head out together in hopes of sharing journeys down their favorite back roads. Unfortunately, too many riders, especially young men in their 20s, keep losing their lives in the Hudson Valley area explains an attorney at Frekhtman & Associates, New York motorcycle accident lawyers. Although many injured cyclists are hit by careless motorists in congested traffic areas, others lose their lives by taking...

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New York Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Explain How Bars Can be Liable for Drunk Patrons

Every year, far too many drunk drivers cause deadly accidents on New York roads. While they often only harm themselves and their passengers – they still frequently hurt and kill others. Back in December of 2015, CBS News published an online story about a drunk young man who killed his passenger. Just before he hit a parked school bus, Kyung Song, was speeding down a street in Queens after leaving a bar, While Song survived the deadly accident, his passenger in her 20s died. Residents in the area who went outside to view the collision said it was very traumatic to...

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Help Your Kids Have a Safe and Fun Halloween from a NY Accident Attorney

Help Your Kids Have a Safe and Fun Halloween Before heading out on Halloween night with kids dressed up as a superhero, princesses, dinosaurs or monsters, be sure to share some safety tips with them explaining a NY accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. They need to understand that while they’re entitled to have fun while yelling “trick or treat” and obtaining great candy, they must still watch out for dangerous people who may try to harm them. The following safety tips have been divided into two groups. The first section contains good ideas for properly preparing for the big...

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Preventing New York Bus Accidents

Preventing New York Bus Accidents Now that New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, and other state officials are keenly focused on decreasing all transportation-related deaths in the state, fatalities are starting to slowly decline. Mayor de Blasio’s street safety plan, Vision Zero (based on a similar one created in Sweden) is being used to prevent various types of New York City accidents. Governor Cuomo has been directly involved with providing new buses to New York, a number of which will soon be testing new safety technologies. These may eventually lead to an effective pedestrian turn warning...

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