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Bronx Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Examine How a Jury Views a Cyclist’s Injuries After A Crash

new york degloving accident lawyer

When you first get hurt in a motorcycle accident, there is an urgent need to focus on healing explains one of the Bronx motorcycle accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. Recovering from serious injuries could mean spending time in the hospital and/or a rehabilitation facility. For example, someone with a shattered femur could undergo multiple surgeries to repair the damage. He could have permanent hardware in the leg and a lifetime of arthritis because the bones will only heal to a certain extent. His leg might also experience a lifetime of numbness and/or nerve damage in affected areas....

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The Many Roles of the Personal Injury Lawyer

Looking for a good personal injury lawyer

A personal Injury lawyer has numerous roles, the majority of which align with helping clients receive compensation after being injured in an accident. The Personal Injury lawyer is available to answer clients' questions, and to  handle all insurance related issues, with a goal toward ultimately recovering full and fair compensation for the client. His or her job is to make certain that the individual who caused the accident accepts responsibility for it,  and that this person or his or her insurance company, covers the client's losses.  This includes compensation for all past and future medical bills that are related to the accident,...

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Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Pool Accidents

New York personal injury lawyer at the F&A injury law firm discusses swimming pool accidents and how to be safe this summer. According to the CDC, everyday 10 people die from drowning. Those that are rushed to the hospital and survive often face severe brain damage resulting in: Memory Problems Learning Disabilities Permanent loss of basic functions With summer approaching, personal injury lawyer, Frekhtman and Associates, wants to discuss pool accidents. Let's examine some common causes of pool accidents. Lack of Barrier In most communities, the law requires a four-sided isolation fence. This separates the pool are from the yard and the house. The goal...

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Personal Injury Lawyers answer the question "How long will my case take ?"

Personal Injury lawyer new york

One of the most common questions clients ask a personal injury lawyer is “How long will my case take?” Clients ask this before they sign a retainer, they ask this in status calls during the pendency of the litigation, and they ask variations of the same question once their case is already settled (how long will it be until I receive my check?). The answer to this question depends on a multitude of factors many of which are outside of anyone’s control. The amount of time a personal injury case will take depends on: 1) The severity of the injuries. Very serious...

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