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Vehicle Accidents

NYC Bicycle Delivery Accident Attorneys

bicycle courier accident lawyer | Frekhtman & Associates

Tragic bicycle accidents have become common in New York City. All too often, the cyclists hit were simply pedaling to their jobs or making an honest living as bicycle delivery riders. At least five cyclists lost their lives on New York City streets during July of 2019.  Only 10 such deaths were recorded in all of 2018. Although New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero program seemed to be helping to decrease cyclist and pedestrian accidents during recent years, that program is no longer fully capable of stemming the tide of the current series of major injuries and deaths. Here’s a...

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NYC Truck Accidents Pose Daily Threat to Everyone

Every year, New Yorkers witness far too many serious and deadly truck accidents. While some are due to speeding, others are the result of drunk or distracted driving. When victims do survive, they often wind up living greatly compromised lives. During 2018, many truck accidents occurred on Brooklyn streets and freeways. Here’s a closer look at three crashes that clearly indicate the types of injuries often suffered. General safety tips are then set forth, indicating the best ways to drive near trucks. Ford Pickup Slams Into Another Vehicle – Causing a Six-Car Crash While traveling toward Brooklyn during rush hour, a Ford truck...

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Motorcycle Accidents Jeopardize NYC Public Safety

Nearly every month, several NYC motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or deaths. The last quarter of 2018 proved to be no exception, especially in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. The motorcycle and vehicle accidents described below unfolded like many others – with one or more drivers either speeding or losing control of their vehicles prior to each deadly incident. A careful review of these crashes helps us all stay aware of the special dangers we often encounter when we drive distracted, travel too close to others -- or fail to drive defensively. After each accident has...

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Overcoming Juror Bias in New York City Motorcycle Accident Cases

When presenting a New York City motorcycle accident case, it’s often challenging for lawyers to persuade jurors to put aside all their negative opinions about motorcyclists. All too often, jurors assume that most motorcyclists carelessly ignore traffic laws, enjoy speeding and often weave in and out of traffic with little or no regard for other people’s safety. The truth is that only a small percentage of motorcyclists ride in a foolish manner – as we often see in TV shows and movies. Most motorcycle riders aren’t unruly gang members who disregard traffic laws and enjoy suddenly pulling up in the blind...

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New York Limo Driver Kills 20 After Running Stop Sign

Tragedy struck when a New York limo driver ran a stop sign and plowed right into a parked SUV. All 17 passengers and the limo driver were killed. Two innocent pedestrians also lost their lives. Although a lengthy investigation may be required, there are early signs of possible negligence. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that the limo driver did not hold a qualified driver’s license to be behind the wheel of the extended stretch limo. The driver’s license required is a CDL -- commercial driver’s license with a passenger endorsement added to it. Furthermore, the 2001 Ford Expedition that was...

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Manhattan Intersection Accident Attorneys

While driving toward an intersection, many of us may relax since we’re often slowing down due to traffic congestion or a red light. Unfortunately, that’s a mistake since over fifty percent (50%) of all fatal and serious injury accidents occur in (or very near) intersections. Instead, we should be on alert -- carefully scanning our environment for potential traffic dangers. Drivers passing through Manhattan quickly learn that major intersections close to the Lincoln Tunnel’s entrance can be very dangerous. The area around West 40th Street and Eighth Avenue is also quite challenging – along with the intersections in Manhattan’s financial district. Here’s...

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Queens Intersection Accident Law Firm

During one recent year, approximately 223,141 traffic accidents were recorded in New York City. Nearly one quarter of those events resulted in serious injuries or death. Since the borough of Queens accounts for about one-fourth of all these annual tragedies, roughly 13,000 Queens residents (or visitors to the area) suffer major injuries or death each year due to these incidents. The dangers posed by passing through New York City intersections can also be vividly grasped by recognizing that drivers run over one million red lights in this city every work day. It’s hard to avoid major injuries in Queens and the...

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Queens Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Now that Queens has over 2.3 million residents living in an area measuring 109 square miles, it’s no wonder that it often records more annual bicycle accidents than New York City’s smaller boroughs. During the past few years, several bicyclists have lost their lives trying to safely maneuver around this area. Even after new bike lanes were constructed following one rider’s death, bicyclists realized they must always keep driving defensively. Although cars, trucks and taxis once dominated most sections of New York City, so many residents are now riding that bicycles now outnumber vehicles in some parts of the city’s smaller...

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Bus Accident Lawyers Discuss Fatal MTA Bus Accident

A 7-year-old boy riding a battery-powered motorized scooter was killed after being struck by an MTA bus in the Bronx on May 26th, 2018, police say. The child was struck on East 184th St. and Webster Avenue in Fordham Heights around 3:30 pm. The child was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses say the reason why the bus driver did not see the boy in time was because the 7-year-old came zooming down the sidewalk, down a hill and into the street. The sidewalk is behind a building, so it created a blind spot for the bus driver,...

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Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents in Brooklyn

Motorcyclists blend in regularly with all the cars, trucks and taxis traveling in and out of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods every day. Whether heading to work or one of the singular tourist attractions, everyone quickly learns how important defensive driving can be to survive the rush hours here. During the last four of five years, Brooklyn’s heavy traffic has played a key role in far too many of the area’s accident injuries and fatalities. Given their added lack of physical protection, too many motorcyclists wind up being seriously injured or even killed here. Here is a brief review of three deadly Brooklyn motorcycle accidents...

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