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NYC Accident Lawyer Discusses How Unlicensed NYC Drivers Keep Causing Too Many Accidents

Unlicensed NYC Drivers Keep Causing Too Many Accidents While many Americans are most concerned about drunk and distracted driving, everyone must realize that unlicensed drivers now pose one the biggest safety threats to all of us explains a NYC accident lawyer at the F&A law firm in Brooklyn. Although some of these people held licenses that were revoked in the past, many of them are just irresponsible men and women who think it’s clever to drive without one. Serious NYC Accident Renews Concerns On September 10, 2017, Antonio Pina-Morocho slid behind the wheel of a car in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn...

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Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer Compares Civil and Criminal Cases

When traffic accidents lead to criminal charges, it is always important to understand that a criminal case and a civil case are totally separate matters explains Arkady Frekhtman, a Brooklyn car accident lawyer at Frekhtman & Associates. A motorist convicted of certain criminal charges may face jail time, but a personal injury case in civil court focuses only on monetary compensation. If an individual is injured or killed in a traffic accident because of the negligent conduct of another party, it is common to seek compensation by filing a civil lawsuit. In some cases, the negligent party may also face criminal...

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Accident & Injury Lawyer New York Discusses Hazards of Drugged Driving

Accident & Injury Lawyer

It is important to understand that legal drugs can lead to illegal driving explains a New York City accident & injury lawyer at the Frekhtman & Associates law firm. Although the alleged facts of the case are not yet clear, the arrest of Tiger Woods on DUI charges focused further attention on the problem of impaired driving due to prescription drug use. Impaired drivers may cause accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities. Mixing Drugs and Impaired Driving After his May 29 arrest by police in Jupiter, Florida, the professional golfer stated he had taken Xanax and other prescription medications prior to the...

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Car Accident Lawyers Examine Driving While High (DWH) on Marijuana

The possible link between marijuana use and auto accidents in NYC is important to explore explain New York City car accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. A 2016 Gallup poll estimates that one out of every eight adults in the US currently uses marijuana, while 43% have reported trying the drug at least once in their life. What happens when someone uses marijuana and gets behind the wheel of a car? The following are two critical issues that demand more research and debate: Does marijuana use lead to impaired driving? It's natural to assume that marijuana use will definitely lead to...

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Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Discusses Fatal Hit-and-run Near George Washington Bridge

Relative to most passenger vehicles, semi tractor-trailers are huge says New York City tractor trailer accident attorney Arkady Frekhtman of the F&A injury law firm. Big rigs with loaded trailers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. So-called turnpike doubles with two 48-ft trailers are particularly imposing, especially when truckers operate them in adverse weather like fog, snow or freezing rain. When impaired drivers operate commercial trucks weighing 20-25 times more than other vehicles, they often become serious or even lethal weapons. Fatality at George Washington Bridge A recent hit-and-run accident involving an 18-wheeler left a passenger vehicle damaged to the point that...

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Beware of New York Playground Amputation Injuries and Other Risks Warns NYC Playground Accident Lawyer

Few product recalls strike fear into parents’ hearts more than the one issued this past year concerning the defective playground slides that caused two children to suffer amputated fingers explains NYC playground accident lawyer Arkady Frekhtman of the F&A injury law firm. The Pennsylvania-based company Playworld Systems had to recall approximately 1,300 of their stainless-steel slides after at least 13 of them broke. This company had already seen this type of structural problem develop at least one other time in the past. Since most children spend extra time playing during the summer months, it’s critical for all parents, daycare centers, city recreation...

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Bike Crash Lawyers Discuss $4.8M Settlement Paid To Cyclist Injured on City Sidewalk

bike accicdent lawyer nyc

In 2014, Clifford Brown launched 28-feet in a bike crash in San Diego that left him with several missing teeth, torn ligaments, and brain damage according to Arkady Frekhtman, one of the bike crash lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. He blamed the crash on a poorly kept section of sidewalk in a San Diego neighborhood. A tree had uprooted part of the sidewalk creating a "launch pad" that lead to the serious injuries Brown sustained. According to an article by the San Diego Union-Tribune in March of 2017, the settlement was "the result of flawed city policies that don’t...

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Too Many NY Forklift Accidents Raise Safety Concerns Explain New York City Work Accident Attorneys

During the first six months of 2017, at least two more forklift accidents occurred says Arkady Frekhtman, one of the New York City work accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. In February, a 28-year-old Queens construction worker lost his life while operating one. He was basically crushed to death while using a forklift outside a FDNY warehouse. After being placed in neutral, the forklift rolled forward and crushed the young man as he prepared to load boxes into a nearby van. Just a few months later in May, a Rochester man employed by a fence company died...

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Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Tips for Avoiding a Distracted Driving Accident

For many people, their cell phones are never far from them, even while they are driving explains a NYC car accident lawyer  at the F&A injury law firm. Unfortunately, some drivers use their phones to text a friend or otherwise engage in distracted driving behavior while driving. This distracted driving behavior sometimes causes accidents, either with other drivers or even with pedestrians, which can result in serious injury or death. Currently, New York state lawmakers are looking at a law that would allow police to scan the cell phones of people who were involved in car crashes to see if cell phone...

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When Will New York City’s Next Gas Leak Explosion Occur ? Analysis from NYC Burn Injury Lawyer

Every few months, media outlets report another fatal gas leak somewhere in America that winds up causing a business building or home to explode. Recently, a Firestone, Colorado house exploded killing two people. That event occurred after an abandoned gas pipeline leaked out into the soil – finally making its way to a homeowner’s basement. New York City residents and workers face similar threats since our rapidly aging underground infrastructure is filled old gas pipes rotting away. If New York City’s Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) and National Grid (the two major gas providers for the city) don’t make accelerated progress in...

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